Sunday 3 November 2013

sunday stash

hello and happy sunday to you all!!

this week i am hosting sunday stash, thank you finding fifth :) it's a good week for me to host it as there has been quite a bit of fabric coming through my door!

yes christmas fabric!! ( i love christmas!!) and 5 yards of yummy linen. all my sewing at the minute is christmas sewing, getting ready for the many craft fairs i've got lined up. i was browsing through pinterest as you do and spotted the dear mr. claus fabric by cosmo cricket and i fell in love with it, but of course it's an old collection, so it was quite hard to find, but i persevered and found it :) and the linen, cause you can never have too much linen!!

i always hear people talking about their local quilt shop and i'm always soo jealous cause there isn't a good one here all the fabric shops here seem to have old fuddy-duddy fabrics, buut i finally found a good one it's about a half hour drive and it has like modern, current fabric!! it has avalon!! so i had to come home with some because it's soo rare to see proper fabric here haha and of course some solids.

normally i don't like jelly rolls but i have a plan for this one and also i want  quilts made of  each one of bonnie and camilles collections and happy go lucky was getting hard to find, so i decided to snap it up before its gone!

now add your sunday stashes up so i can look at pretty fabric!!

rachael x

Saturday 2 November 2013

purple spotty elephant

so there was some interest in the low volume swap, so i thought i'd go ahead and run it!

OK details we need 27 people plus me to make 28 people from the UK and ireland (or if there is enough interest a bigger swap of 56) and then we all buy 1 yard of low volume fabric (or 2 yards if 56 people)

sign-ups will be open from 2 november - 6 november

once everybody has signed up you get to go and look at pretty fabric and buy 1 yard of low-volume-y goodness! we are looking for modern prints and no solids, with a good scale for cutting into charms. and all 100% high quality cotton fabric please :)

once you have chosen your fabric upload it to the flickr group, be sure to check there are no doubles of fabrics before you purchase yours!!

this swap will be 5 inch squares and from a yard of fabric you'll get 56 squares there is a great tutorial over at oh, fransson on how to cut them.

get your pretty little charm squares over to me for the 2nd december, include in your parcel a pre-addressed envelope, now that's important so make sure you include it!!
I will return your packages (assuming everyones arrive on time) on 9 december. for shipping i will send you all an email asking for the cost of shipping via paypal.

ok all sound good? great, just leave a comment that you want to join :) and lets get swapping!!

rachael x

p.s oh and spread the word, more people equals more fabric!!

p.p.s can you totally tell this is my first organized swap? haha