Sunday, 6 April 2014

FAL quarter 1 results

so wow! the first quarter of the year is over, it actually went quite slowly!

do you remember waay back in january i made a list of some projects that i would like to have finished, lets see how i got on, considering it was a list of three you'd think they'd all be ticks well...

number 1 - finish quilting and bind my pink low volume quilt - FAIL

number 2 - turn this panel into a cushion for my brother - TICK

and you can see the finished cushion here

number 3 - piece, baste, quilt and bind the giant star quilt - FAIL 
i suppose that one was just a tad optimistic!

so looking at my list its 1 out of 3 which yanno isn't great! perhaps next quarter will be better

Friday, 21 March 2014

how now brown cow and a 'funny' story

the last couple of weeks has been all about college work and yet i still managed to leave it all to the night before it needed handed in, you can't say I'm a procrastinator.

now do you fancy a giggle? here is a story about balance and co-ordination - my mum decided that she wanted a mp3 player but i convinced her to get an iPod. so yesterday i went to argos to get an iPod, it was all going great, i picked the one i wanted, payed for it and collected it, all simple enough until i was leaving the shop. you know how they have that box of catalogues in the middle of the floor? well i wasn't paying attention to my walking and managed to very gracefully fall straight into the box of catalogues! ooh it was soo embarrassing, needless to say i quickly got up and walked fast out of the shop and that is the let time i shall ever go there again!

time for sewing stuff now if you can stop giggling! it seems i have a thing for making cushions at the minute, but when inspiration strikes, go with it.

*this post contains brown fabric*

i love, love, love brown fabric right now, i just cannot get enough of it! which is the inspiration for my cushion

cows and brown fabric - match made in heaven. this is harriet the highland coo. it all started with this sketch one day in college and i knew harriet had to become fabric-y

i really like her hair, even though i kind of just want to flick it out of her eyes. and her strawberry nose, can you tell i really like my new cushion?

when i finished the appliqué it felt like the cushion was missing something, and i couldn't figure out what. then one day i was tidying i found my most favourite pink flowery fabric and i just knew it had to be the binding. i have a love/hate relationship with binding, i love how it looks, but hate sewing it on, anybody else feel the same about binding?

rachael x

Monday, 3 March 2014

walking in the air

it's monday! my favourite day of the week.

yesterday it was my brothers birthday and we all know what that means, yes! a handmade present, yay! do you remember this panel from ages ago?

i said i was going to make a cushion for him moving to england, well his birthday came first so i made it for his birthday. 

some straight line quilting, a little bit of appliqué, some binding and ta-dah! a cushion is made, i really like this map print from out to sea by sarah jane.

have you guessed his name yet? i am also happy to say that he loved it! and took a nap on it straight away, i would say that it was a success, yay! cause you just never know with handmade gifts.
now you've seen the cushion you might be wondering what age he is, any guesses? here's a clue

yes he turned 23! and every 23 year old needs a map cushion (he studied geography, so at least its relevant haha) with their name appliquéd onto it.

two birds, one stone i got to make a handmade birthday present and put a tick on my FAL quarter 1 list,  win, win!

rachael x

oh and before i forget there was also cake, a polka dot cake

just a quick photo i snapped before it was all eaten, it was yummy!!

Thursday, 6 February 2014

pretty fabric and a quilt-a-long

the past week has been spent with many sleepless nights doing college work (and taking selfies at 4a.m)  *note to self: do not try and leave 4months of work for school to the week before it has to be handed in* but now i am all caught up on sleep (a lovely 15hour sleep last night, bliss) and ready to spend the whole weekend in my sewing room! 
over on instagram holly started an impromptu quilt-a-long for the absolutely lovely 'dwell' quilt from the book simply retro! i've wanted to make this quilt for ages, and now is as good as time as any! i will be making it with country girls by tasha noel (a little treat i treated myself to for finishing my college project) if you fancy joining in use #dwellalong on instagram to see all the pretty quilts! now off to start cutting my fabric and think about changing out of my pj's haha

have a good weekend!

rachael x

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

the sunday night feeling

last week was one of those weeks, the type where you just want to switch your clock off and hide and that is exactly what i did. the whole week had the 'sunday night feeling' and was all just 'blah!' i took the week off school college, because to be honest i just couldn't face it! sooo i sewed, i couldn't settle on one thing so i just sewed 'ideas' and listened to this

i went through my scrap bag and just started pulling out random fabrics, cut them into 2.5inch squares, sewed them up to become mini patchwork, which then became...

sweet dreams sleeping teddy, i don't know if i love him but i think he looks cute all snuggled up in his little patchwork quilt! after making him i thought he needed a 'matching' cushion so introducing...

mr. teddy in blue and white striped pyjamas along with his teddy bear! can you tell that 'sleep' was on my mind? i think they are really cute as a pair and they are available in my etsy shop

after the cushions i wanted something a bit different, something that involved maths and really hard thinking, enter the fabric box

now i know there are lots and lots and lotttss of tutorials and patterns out there for fabric boxes but i wanted to come up with my own pattern/way of doing it, i will say it involved many prototypes and even more tears, but i am so so happy with the result and so happy that i did it by myself :)

also last week a lovely customer asked if i could make her some cushions and one of my quilts, i love cushions! so of course i couldn't say no, want to see?

it is absolutely delightful to work with voile, it is just soo soft, i finished the cushions of with some perle cotton hand quilting, i think we might need a pair for our house!

oh i also indulged in a little bit of fabric purchasing in the #greatukfabricdestash on instagram (boy! was that fun!) and i got a cotton blossom jelly roll by bonnie and camille, i am beyond excited!!

heres to a good week!

rachael x

Friday, 17 January 2014

finish-a-long quarter 1

sooo i'm sure you've all heard about the finish-a-long, well this year katy over at the littlest thistle is hosting it and i've never linked up before (and i'm just sneaking in at the last minute as today is the last day to linkup), so i thought i might as well give it a whirl...

number 1 on my list:

my low volume, pink quilt, i have had this half quilted f-o-r-e-v-e-r!! and i really want to get it finished, i just need to finish quilting and bind, not that hard, right?

number 2 on my list:

when i was tidying my 'sewing room' i found this panel i cut out ages ago, to make a cushion for my brother (he's 22) and now since he is moving to england it seems like a good excuse to actually finish it!

number 3 on my list:

i started this quilt just before christmas as i wanted some 'me' sewing time, it just needs pieced, basted, quilted and bound, simples :) i really want to get this one finished, cause i have a flannel backing waiting, perfect for all the cold weather...

hmm it's a very short list, but i thought i should ease myself in gently in the first round haha, so let's see if i can complete my 3 items before april. have you linked up??

rachael x

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

my sewing room

just after christmas i was sitting wondering what to do and then it came to me re-decorate the toy-room (the sewing room) good idea, huh?

so i started stripping the wallpaper (tee-hee) and moving all my fabric and sew-y stuff to get ready for painting - heads up! get ready for a picture heavy post, but sure everyone loves pictures!!

this is what i found when all the wallpaper came off, it's 24/2/1928 and it says "papered by jack morgan painter and decorator 'something i can't read' connswater belfast"

an in progress shot, this is how i rang in the new year, i really know how to party hard!! i love the aqua colour

here is the only before picture i have, the room went from being blue to a slightly different colour of blue, are you ready to see the transformation? i'll give you a guided tour around it.

this is the scene you first see when you walk into the room, yes you are greeted by a big roll of waddling, the perfect greeting.

next the ironing board (which desperately needs a new cover) and  my pretty picture wall, it'll be fun to iron now and be able to look at the pictures, which i'm sure i'll add to.

the little quilt-y corner, yes i finally sewed the binding on my little improv mini, this is also the think-y corner, see that roll of paper on the wall? thats's for all my great ideas (haha)

i got rid of the green sofa, i loved it but it was just an excuse for me to messily throw my wip's, unfolded fabric, basically everything, it became like the sofa of doom. a quick trip to ikea quickly fixed that and voila! little cubby holes and boxes to cleverly disguise all the messy fabric and wip's

now i have somewhere to display my baskets of wool, which i will use...someday

the fabric closet also got a little clear-out and tidy, now who knows if it will stay like this i'm guessing no, but i'm gonna try and keep it like this.

my most favourite-est shelf.

i knew that in my 'new' room that i wanted somewhere to be able to take pictures, so this is my picture wall for all my photos for etsy and the blog. that chair will eventually be covered to make it pretty and not like something from the olden day, you know, like the 70's

the swing table! this would be probably be the best part of the decorating, another trip to ikea and i now have a big table, i have to say it is quite a luxury, before my sewing machine sat on my cutting mat, so i had to lift it off to cut and then lift it back up to sew, i know such an inconvenience haha i also added some more cubby holes, em because i lot of crap stuff.

a close-up of my pictures, each month at the fine and dandy market i would treat myself to a picture from one of the many talented exhibitors! you should really go and see for yourselves.

the whole room, with an absolutely delightful view of not one, but two sheds! but that's a good thing because then no-one can come and look through the window at me dancing em i mean sewing... now the only thing is to go and sew in it! except i have no inclination to sew anything, go figure haha

i hope i haven't bored you too much with all my pictures, well done if you made it to the end, it was a reallllly long post :)

rachael x