Wednesday, 14 January 2015

: : hibernating : :

hello! i am slowly coming out of my christmas hibernation, did everybody have a good break? i did absolutely nothing and it was wonderful, after a busy few weeks at college and home it was nice to simply potter about the house and do things at a leisurely pace (mainly watching movies and eating cake!)

i'm going to try and be super organised this year! so i treated myself to an erin condren planner and it is just beyond amazing! and also super adorable! i already feel more organised just having it! also this is going to be my motto this year 'believe you can and you will' this year i'm going to believe in myself and not doubt everything and that i CAN do this!

how fun are paint chips? i am cutting lots and lots of triangles to make a big doodle-y, colourful forest. i am having so much fun playing with the layout and patterns. this is the first stage, hopefully the rest of my idea will work. oh and how cute is that 'R' banner made by the lovely ink and bobbin!

i haven't touched my sewing machine in 4 weeks! but i fixed that on monday night. it is so bloomin' cold (actually i love this type of weather) it had me digging out my hot water bottle and it drastically needed a new cover. so with this brilliant pattern (seriously so easy! and even more easy if you read it properly and don't have to unpick lots) and some super cute unicorn fabric (i just stashed 5 yards of it!) i had a new pretty cover for my hot water bottle! after seeing mine, my mum has already picked fabrics for hers! 

and i'm having a little sale in my etsy shop, use coupon code JANUARY25 to get 25% off (expires 31st january). i've been having a wee think about my 'business' and i've decided i'm going to change a couple of things around *exciting* so watch this space!

rachael x

Monday, 8 December 2014

flutterby mini quilt - winged blog tour

hello! and welcome to my stop on the winged blog tour by bonnie christine! i'm so happy to be taking part today and if you don't know bonnie you need to go and follow her at her blog going home to roost

today i'm going to show you what i made with this wonderful fabric. bonnie generously sent us 4 fat quarters (and wow! it was super hard choosing only four!) there are two colourways and i decided to mix them together to make a mini quilt featuring the butterflies (and the perfect purple)

{fluttering up the garden fence}

{this little one is my favourite}

i had so much fun with this project! when i saw the butterflies fabric i knew i just had to make them a feature! i used the garden fence block by hyacinth quilt designs and fussy-cut the butterflies for the centres. my idea was to have the butterflies fluttering around in the garden, so i cut out the rest of the butterflies and sketch-stitched them on top of my quilted top and ta-dah! a flutterby in the garden mini quilt!

be sure to follow along with the tour, all the makes are so lovely!

rachael x

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

: : a study in pretty

today is a lovely autumn day, you know the kind where it's sunny but also wonderfully cold, i love these types of days and it's the perfect kind of day to take some quilt pictures!

while i was taking my pictures i had a little dander around the garden, all the trees are bare and it's all quite brown, but there are some spots of colour left and i think they are a little bit magical, the colours of autumn are my favourite!

i have always wanted to be able to do 'pretty' in my quilts (like nanacompany and pretty by hand) but they never seem to turn out quite 'right' so this quilt is my *a study in pretty* (any sherlock fans out there? study in pink?)

i went to my fabric closet and started pulling lots of different prints in the low volume/pink/vintage-y category, i was going to choose white for my background triangles, but while i was searching through my fabric i came across a few yards of the stone-y coloured polka-dot by bonnie and camille and thought it went  better with the look than the white would have.

this quilt involved a lot of unpicking and i would say it's probably the hardest quilt i have made! and because i like to be different, i decided to add in a few patchwork hexagons (i seriously want to patchwork all the things at the minute) i think they might be my favourite part of the quilt! 

i used a cute little butterfly print (that totally looks like spools of thread) for the back. it's a print from flo's garden (i think) and it fell into the low volume/pink/vintage-y category, so it was the perfect match.

on nearly all of my quilts i do a stipple or swirly loops, this time i wanted to try something different and since i was completely out of my comfort zone anyway, i decided to go for a continuous figure of eight quilting. i used this tutorial by stitched in color which i highly recommend if you fancy trying it! there was a few blips but once you get into the rhythm of it it is really enjoyable.

i'm not sure i really achieved the 'pretty' look that i was going for, but i'm really happy that i went out of my comfort zone and tried something different (especially the patchwork hexagons *love*) all the triangles now has me wanting to make a triangle quilt!

rachael x

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...oh and you can find the wonderful pattern here

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

a catch-up post

last week my camera went to camera heaven, it was a sad day! so i'm on the look-out for a new camera, i would love to hear any suggestions you have. there has been some sew-y, crochet-y stuff going on over here, so here is a little catch-up! 

when the weather gets cold(er) i always turn to crochet, this years project is the attic24 raindrop stitch cushion. i had originally planned to do all the colours together, but i think it looks better separated with the white. i have never finished any of the crochet projects i start, so *fingers crossed* i finish this one!

 my animal cushions got a little bit of a makeover! i got the idea that they just *had to* be made in patchwork, and i have to say i'm a little bit in love with them! don't they look perfect on my bed? oh and i love my cosy duvet cover at the minute. side note: i had to make my bed to take this picture!

i've got some secret sewing to-do! and i'm soo excited about it (also i feel like one of the 'cool' kids having secret sewing) 

this is my latest quilt finish 'a study in pretty' but i'm finding it reallly hard to take good pictures of my quilts, and because they aren't good i don't blog about them! any suggestions on how to take good quilt pictures are very welcome!!

this pile of fabric is destined to become curtains. they are something i said i would never make, but i've made one and it's just like making a quilt, only without the waddling.

so now you're all caught up! next up i might actually have a few finishes to show you!

rachael x

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Sunday, 19 October 2014

fabric + cake = bliss!

soo it's been a wee bit quiet here! i have lots to share with you, a finished quilt, a quilt top, a tablerunner and something a bit geeky! but first some fabric eye candy. 

i love this fabric collection (wildwood by elizabeth olwen) the colours are totally *me* at the moment, i did buy this fabric with a plan, i'm going to make the night sky quilt by thimbleblossoms i just need to add 16 more fat quarters and then it's cutting time!

jodi from pleasant home was having a sale in her etsy shop and as soon as i saw the orange and navy bundle i just had to have it! it's a mixture of denyse schmidt and juliana horner which you could only get in joann stores in the U.S. jodi doesn't normally ship to UK but very kindly made an exception for me!

i added the navy and orange bundle (above) to a few fabrics! i think there is nothing better than a big ol' pile of fabric all messy! ok i love neat, organised pictures of fabric, but messy always wins! this is my initial pull for my big autumn-y quilt (which i am super excited about) i may add and take away a few prints but i really like the mix i have here

and finally cake, not just any cake cinnamon roll cake *yum* after seeing lots of scrummy pictures over on IG i just had to make it! and the culprit that started all the cake baking susan over at canadian abroad  really after reading her post you'll be reaching for the flour and cinnamon!

rachael x

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

tents + lunchbags

after a really terribly-bad week last week, i couldn't wait for cub camp, a whole weekend to run around and act like a kid again (i'm really a responsible leader, honest! haha) and this year i learnt to put up a tent, wow they're really complicated!

some of the highlights of my weekend at cub camp:

sunshine. campfires. the scary cat. lots of sweets. stars. a visit from the tooth fairy. the tyre swing. unbelievably LOUD snoring. s'mores. all nighters. the blinking red light. spongebob squarepants.

after a couple of nights no sleep and lots of sweets, i saw this log and couldn't stop giggling at it because it looks like a mole/badger/elephant, i thought it was the funniest thing i had ever seen! that is what lack of sleep does to you haha!

and of course camping means campfires, which means roasting marshmallows, and then of course you just have to make s'mores (two chocolate digestives and a big ooey-gooey marshmallow squished in the middle) it's seriously the best thing ever!

while i was away camping my mum was busy at the sewing machine. on saturday she went to judiths lunchbag class and made the green-y/yellow-y lunchbag isn't it lovely? then on sunday morning she woke up early and made the red one for me *yay* i think she has definetly been bitten by the sewing bug!

rachael x

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

eenie, meenie, mine-y, mini!!

this past weekend i was in one of those moods where i couldn't just work on one project and i flitted between about 4 different projects! one of the projects was the saltwater mini quilt! when camille released her new patterns on friday i knew i just had to make the saltwater mini quilt, and i actually focused enough to finish it, yay!

i completely dithered over which fabric to use, in the end i didn't worry about my fabric matching each other and just picked fabrics that i thought were 'pretty' and they all sort-of worked well together, happy coincidence! for the sashing there was only one choice, my favourite colour (at the minute anyway) brown!! i think it ties it all together and give its a vintage-y feel

a little bit of loopy quilting and some pretty pink binding and it was done yay!! i will definetly be making a few more minis, they're just too cute.

and here it is added to the picture wall in my sewing room, doesn't it look pretty? especially with my ashleigh bickerstaff woodland painting!

rachael x

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