Friday, 5 February 2016

{a trip to pretty fabrics and trims}

yesterday i decided i needed a little treat, so i took myself off and went and visited the most cutest fabric shop! i drove for quite a while and only got lost a few times :) but finally i arrived at pretty fabrics and trims!

and let me tell you, this shop is adorable! and sarah and her mum are just soo lovely! and sarah was nice enough to let me take some pictures :) when you first walk in you're just greeted with the best sight- all the fabric!! it's wonderful and even more so because i haven't been fabric shopping since i came to derby! look at that rainbow, perfect!

most of the fabrics are colour co-ordinated! which makes it soo good to go to the exact colour you need and find just the 'right' fabric for your project or just because! 

look at all the colourful thread, they have every colour that you could ever need, i had to be good and stay away from them!

if you know me, you know i like (love) pink! so this was one of my favourite shelves, all the pink! 

see? so cute! there are lots of quilts dotted around the shop, and just look at that vintage picnic quilt *gasp* so pretty! it is such a lovely place full of fabric and quilt-y goodness, i think i will definetly be making another trip up (down?) there again :)

and of course i couldn't leave without a little treat! i seemed to be in a floral-y, vintage-y mood! that red floral on the bottom has been on my wish-list for quite a while! and i just decided to pick fabrics that i liked with no real plan, and i don't think these necessarily 'go' but i kinda like them altogether, i especially love the brown, it's soo hard to fond good browns these days! 

it was a really nice day out, and i really enjoyed my little fabric treat to myself! so if you're ever in the area, you must put it on your 'to visit' list!

rachael x

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

{that's no moon}

i didn't make any christmas presents this year (last year) apart from one, i made a geeky pillow for my boyfriend! any star wars fans out there?? have you seen the new movie?? it's amazing!! anyway...

this pattern has been on my 'to-make' list for quite a while! the pattern is the patchwork death star by quirky granola girl! i have to say i was quite surprised at how many grey fabrics i actually had (25!) i really didn't think i had that many.

one thing that stopped me from making this was that the pattern was EPP (english paper pieced) and if you know me i am not a huge fan of hand sewing! so i used bond-a-web, cutting out 38 individual pieces in various shades of grey and ironing them onto a grey background. i then stuck the death star onto the black background and sketch stitched around a few of the pieces to add some death star detail :)  

i did a simple envelope back using polka-dots as its become an almost joke how much i love red and white polka dots! i also added a little accent of the maths print from elementary by sweetwater, as he's studying maths at uni i thought this was perfect!

it didn't feel complete, so a little bit of hand quilting around it and some 'handwritten' embroidery to add to the cuteness and it was done! i also had just enough of the text-y print left for binding which i think is just the perfect finishing touch!

i kinda wanted to keep it for myself, but i was good and he seemed to really like it, yay! so although i didn't make many handmade christmas presents i had lots of fun making this one!

rachael x

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Monday, 11 January 2016


hello! i am blowing the cobwebs off and welcoming in the new year! 2015 was a mixed year, with me moving away from home and over to derby to study illustration at university! :) so the last half of the year was spent meeting new people, moving into halls, learning how to cook and wash my own clothes, but i think i've got a good routine now! with all that happening there wasn't much sewing happening! here is a little collage of some of my favourite projects from last year:

i really enjoyed all my projects and im looking forward to finishing off my alphabet quilt this year, i think it might be a favourite! 

it has become a bit of a 'thing' to choose a word for the year and this year i have decided to follow and choose a word! my word for the year is ADVENTURE! i spent the last week of 2015 being a tourist around my hometown seeing all the sights and going on little adventures! 

being a tourist in your hometown is soo much fun! i choose 'adventure' as my word, because i want to leave my comfort zone and say 'yes' more, to be open to new opportunities!! so although it is a bit cliche, i really think 2016 will be my year :)

did you choose a word for the year??

soo i know it's a bit late but HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all!! :)

racahel x

Friday, 4 September 2015

grey and cloudy days {quilt}

i haven't finished a 'big' project in what seems like forever! so i am so happy to share my latest quilt. my friend asked me if i could make a quilt for her, of course i said yes! i started thinking up all the colour schemes and then she said she wanted a grey quilt, i was stumped!

and here is the finished quilt! this was not my first idea, i went through a couple ideas before finally picking the pinwheel design...

this was my original idea, i love plus quilts and i love these two fabrics, especially that dot! but together they just didn't work, there was no contrast and it just looked really dull and blah, so it was back to the drawing board! then one day while browsing pinterest, i came across this quilt and just knew that it was the one!

i loved the pinwheels and sashing and kept my quilt pretty similar to the pinterest quilt. i added a bluey-grey fabric from the feed company fabric line and kept the grey from my original idea. when i got to the sashing, i had forgotten how hard it was and spent hours pinning and re-pinning long strips of fabric together, luckily in the end i got there, because this quilt very nearly ended up in the 'no' pile! the sashing is kona ash, which was really hard to find, do they not make it anymore?

with using the soft grey fabrics, i chose a big stipple for my quilting, i think it really adds to the cosy-ness factor, also stippling is my favourite! also why is it called stippling? it should be called squiggling in my opinion :)

i wanted to keep the quilt simple and used plain navy as the backing and the bluey-grey fabric as the binding, and it was done *yay* it is now all packaged up and in the post, my friend hasn't seen it yet, so it will be a surprise, i hope she likes it :)


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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

pretty pillowcases

i recently completed 10 years as a cub leader, but as i am now heading off to uni i had to say goodbye to all the cubs and leaders, i have to say i am going to miss them! as a thank-you the leaders got me a gift voucher to the textile studio (they know me so well :) ) and i got some lovely fabric to make pillowcases!

i had the hardest time picking my fabrics! i wanted my pillowcases to match but didn't want them too matchy-matchy, i think that makes sense haha. i fell in love with the retro flower print by emma jean jansen and of course that navy from vintage market is just amazing! after picking my main fabrics it was easy picking co-ordinating fabrics for the cuff and trim! can you see my teddy cushion peeking out :)

i followed the tutorial by film in the fridge and they came together really quickly! i didn't get quite enough of the retro flower-y fabric (because i can't read a pattern apparently) so i added a strip of blue, which i think co-ordinates perfectly!

these will brighten up my uni flat and add a little handmade look! so i haven't started packing, or even thinking about packing but at least i have pretty pillowcases, priorities, right? :)

*these pictures were brought to you by my unmade bed :)

rachael x

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Monday, 31 August 2015

catch - up: summer

hello! i hope you all a had a lovely summer and spent some time sewing and enjoying the weather :) it is coming up to my favourite time of year, autumn! so before it arrives i thought i would share some snippets of what i have been up to this summer! 

{logo for yvonne} remember my little sort-of giveaway?  well yvonne at quilting jetgirl was the winner and here is the logo i made for her. she was absolutely excellent to work with (and i got a brilliant mark on my project *yay*) if you would like to read about the process yvonne wrote up a brilliant post here! after making the logo i decided my blog needed a little 'spruce up' so i re-did my header, i love that font!

{exploring} i loved getting out and about with my camera this summer and fell in love with all the flowers and gardens in the national trust parks about northern ireland, i took waayy too many pictures, that i will hopefully be using in a project soon :)

{decorating} i painted one of my bedroom walls with this patterned roller and it is AMAZING! once i figured out how to roll it the right way to make sure the animals where the right way round, it was a breeze and it's really pretty! (i got mine from doris and jeannie)

{fabric} there has been some fabric arriving to my house :) you know the fabrics that you see and you just 'have' to have them, well these are them. vintage market by tasha noel is soo adorable and has the sweetest little illustrations on them. and gooseberry! it comes out in october but i got a couple of early release charm packs, i didn't have a plan whenever i got them, but mum saw them and has requested a table-runner! 

{pretty trimmings} i have done lots and lots of trimming making half-square triangles (198 of them) in very muted colours, completely out of my comfort zone! 

{pinwheels} and all the half-square triangles turned into pinwheels, to make a quilt for a friend, instead of having it all just white i added in a couple of dotty backgrounds!

{patchwork curtains} last year we got an extension put onto the kitchen and new doors. my mum looked everywhere for new curtains, but didn't find any that just 'fit' queue me making curtains :) remember this bundle? well here is what it became, patchwork curtains

{flower-y backing} it was just like making a quilt top to make the curtains, and my mum picked out this floral-y fabric for the lining, a bit of measuring, some very long seams and they were done! i never thought i would be able to make curtains, but i am really please with them and mum loves them *yay*

{and finally} in just over a week i will be leaving home and going to university in derby to study illustration aahhhh! this has been one of my goals for a long time! i keep going between excited and scared haha but i am looking forward to it, it will be like an adventure! 

rachael x 

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

{cultivate} blog tour

hello! it's my stop on the cultivate blog tour *yay* i absolutely love bonnie's fabrics! (as you can see here and here) and cultivate is no different, it's so beyond lovely.

how perfect is that brown fabric? i love all the warm colours in this collection, they just say autumn and cosy-ness to me! i also love the pops of colour, like that green, scrummy! you can see (and drool over) the whole collection here!

when i saw these fabrics the first thing that popped into my head was bear-paw blocks, but i wanted to do something a bit different with them, so coasters it was! practical and pretty, what could be better?

i paired my cultivate fabric with some essex linen and i think it really makes the colours pop! and of course to just finish them off i added some lace to the outside edges for some extra prettiness. i really enjoyed working with these fabrics, and i will definetly be incorporating them into my future projects :)

do you want to see more lovely projects made with cultivate? then hop over to Amanda's blog Material Girl quilts to see the brilliant hoop she made! and be sure to visit trudi's blog tomorrow for her project!

rachael x

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