Sunday, 11 September 2016

{festival of quilts}

has it really been a month since i was at the festival of quilts? a lot as happened since then and i am back in derby to start my third (and final) year of uni :) so yes the festival of quilts, WOW! was it amazing! so many beautiful quilts to gaze at and so much fabric to tempt you haha. it was my first time at the festival of quilts and it was way beyond my expectations! it is just so big and i have to admit i did get lost just a little bit :)

it was soo amazing to see all the quilts, to see them in real life rather than on my screen! the quilting on the quilts was breathtaking! there were soo many to see and im quite sure i didnt see all of them. i was also so in awe of the quilts i didnt take that many pictures (i only took like 80-90 pictures!) these were just some of my favourites! and looking at them all has made me really want to try hand quilting and hand piecing, to really take time over my quilts and enjoy all of the stitches. i think that the quilting world is all going a bit fast and i want to slow down in my work :) i think my absolute favourite quilt was the white and red one above! i'm already looking forward to going next year, and of course i did just a tad of fabric buying, well it would have been rude not to!

i think i was quite restrained, dont you? i love all the fabric i bought and some have already been cut into :) it's just really nice to be able to see fabric and not just always on your screen, looking at my purchases it is quite obvious i have a thing for animal fabrics! i treated myself to two special little bundles, one from worn and washed fabrics i have seen them before and this time i just had to treat myself! they are all reclaimed fabrics, from old shirts to bed sheets, they are soo soft, i think they're going to become a cushion! and my second treat was a little bundle of printed linen from cowslip workshop. they are soo cute and i have a thing for linen :)

my favourite fabric is the swans and it has a story! while i was waiting for my lift i was scrolling through instagram and saw that one of the exhibitors had it, the show was closing soon but i ran back in and got a half meter, best decision ever, it's been used in lots of my projects so far :)

have you been to the festival of quilts? if you haven't been you really have to go! :)

rachael x

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Friday, 12 August 2016

{a house for my sewing machine}

i have spent today recovering from an AMAZING day at the festival of quilts yesterday! and today i am going to share my most recent finish, a house for my sewing machine :)

I have had my sewing machine for 3 or 4 years and i have never covered it or had a cover for it, i know! tut, tut! so when kerri's book lovely little patchwork arrived i was soo excited! and love all the projects in it, but one project jumped out at me immediately!

{ my sewing machine with no cover :( } 
it was the adorable sewing machine cover that looks like a house! like really how cute is that?! i set about choosing my fabrics and wanted a vintage-y feel to my house! the blue is from fleet and flourish and the brown (which i think looks like a thatched roof) is a 1930's repro fabric! 

my house cover is all flower-y just how i like it! if only it was a real house :) recently in my projects i have been mainly using collections, so i found it quite difficult to choose fabrics myself not from a collection. i am really happy with my fabric choices and feel more confident in me choosing my own palettes rather than using a whole collections (but i do really love using collections in my work!)

it is a really good and easy to follow pattern! and i had such fun making it. also i got to do some raw edge applique which i haven't done in ages! i really love my little sewing machine house, it is lined with a solid pink and i added some ribbon from my ribbon drawer, to tie it on the sides. 

the pattern suggests adding fussy cuts to all the windows, but i only added one, and adorable little sloth (if you didn't know i love sloths! i even have a sloth tattoo) i love my little sloth just chilling and hanging out in the house, watching over my sewing room :) 

i will be back soon to share lots of pictures from the festival of quilts and to show you all my purchases (there was quite a few *tehe*)

rachael x

Thursday, 21 July 2016

{forest floor} blog tour

hello! and welcome to my stop on the forest floor blog tour! i am a big fan of bonnie christines fabrics (you can see here and here) and it was an absolute delight to work with her forest floor fabrics, the designs are just as brilliant as ever!

in all my years of sewing i have never made a dresden plate before (i know!) so while drooling over and petting these fabrics i thought a dresden plate would be perfect and now i have a new mini quilt for my new bedroom :)

i just love that bunny! she will definetly be popping up in my other projects! the illustrations in this fabric line are soo sweet, it was hard choosing just four to play with :) i also think i will making a lot more dresden plates, it was super fun to make and it's great for fussy cutting the centres!  and me being me just had to add a little something more :) hence the doily! 

i absolutely adore these fabrics! and love the woodland-y feel that they have! i have some fabric left over that i am itching to make something else with :)

thank-you bonnie! for letting me play with some forest floor fabrics. make sure to have a look at all the amazing projects being made with this fabric here! and you should see the adorable quilt jayme made yesterday at finding sweetland and to stop by tomorrow to see what Maja Wlusek at Betyipiernaty has made :)

rachael x

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

{a holiday to cornwall}

i just got back from a lovely week in beautiful cornwall! i've always wanted to go and im soo glad i did, i absolutely loved it! we went exploring all around and we were very lucky with the weather.
it was a long way, driving over 900 miles in a week and sitting in traffic for 2 hours on the way down and way back which is fine when your singing loudly to taylor swift (probably much to the annoyance of the other drivers.) our view waking up every morning was blue skies and the sea (i didn't realise how much i missed the sea being in derby.)

the days were spent exploring the beaches, eating ice creams and pasties! i was there for 7 days and had 6 ice creams it was great, and just my opinion but roskillys ice cream is better than kellys! as for pasties i am not a fan, that was james's thing (he even brought them back with him :) in the week we went to kennack sands my favourite beach and one that we paddled in many times! a day in falmouth (where i might have got a little burnt) was brilliant, exploring the streets and eating ice cream on the beach (we did a lot of this.) st.michaels mount was amazing, being able to walk across the path that is covered by the sea most of the day was a great experience, and while people may laugh at crocs they were the best shoes to wear the whole week, being able to paddle at a moments notice! 

being in cornwall we couldn't not have a cornish cream tea! now i am not a fan of jam but it was delicious!  and we followed it up with an ice cream (are you seeing a recurring theme here?) this was in cadgwith the cutest little fishing village and where we spent our last day after visiting the seal sanctuary, spending the morning giggling at all the funny seals! we also visited st. ives a place i definetly want to go back to! cobbled streets, fish and chips, ice cream and seagulls, perfect! my little present to me from my holiday was the cute little seagull pouch from the poppy treffry shop in st. ives, i think it is the absolute perfect momento from my trip away! it was just what i needed a nice, relaxing trip away beside the sea with lots of ice cream :) and i definetly want to go again!

rachael x 

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

AGF Stitched - Palisades Quilt : :

hello! and welcome to my stop on the Palisades Quilt by Fat Quarter Shop and Art Gallery Fabrics. i say this about every quilt i make, but this quilt was sooo fun to make! and came together really quickly while looking like a really complicated pattern! 

i chose boardwalk delight by Dana Willard for my fabric, because it just screams summer and bright sunny days (and it really brightens up the grey days we've been having recently) it was a joy to work with and had me smiling while i was sewing away :)

the quilt pattern is brilliant and easy to follow! and while it does look complicated it really isn't and its such a fun quilt to make! it would be a great quilt to make for a new-ish beginner! 

it makes a nice, big quilt perfect for the long summer nights on the beach (one can dream!) or for cuddling under in our uk summertime :) the quilt is a free pattern so you can make it too! you can find the pattern here 

the fat quarter shop has also put together a fun video to help you make the quilt! i really like this quilt and it would look great in all different fabrics and how the fabrics really change the look of the whole quilt!

i still need to quilt and bind this quilt and cannot wait to have it finished i *think* it might be my new favourite, and i'll have to be careful because my mum has got her eye on it too :)

you should pop over and see all the other amazing quilts (they are totally awesome) 

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rachael x

Friday, 6 May 2016

{caravan tote + tilly}

I have finished university for summer *yay* so i came home for a bit to just relax and unwind and do nothing except sew! I have soo many projects that i want to make, but i knew i couldn't get them all done so i focused on just a few!

one fabric line i have been crushing on is fleet and flourish by maureen cracknell, i have wanted to sew with it for ages, but there was uni deadlines and the fact that i didnt know what i wanted to make, so it has sat on my shelf patiently waiting to be cut in to!
Then my friend mentioned making a bag and *ping* yes1 i would use it to make a bag, we settled on the caravan tote by noodlehead and i got to work!

the pattern called for a solid piece of fabric, but me being me had to do something different! i did 3 inch patchwork squares and then cut it to size, and the fabrics go perfectly with essex linen in grey, which i used for the contrasting band at the top! i quilted the outside and used heavy weight interfacing to make it sturdy enough to stand on its own.

this bag has a front zippered pocket, this made me wobble a bit and want to give up! but i persevered and i beat the *dreaded* zipper (i may have given myself a pat on the back!) when making the inside of the pocket i wanted to add a fun surprise, cue a magical unicorn to peek at me :)

i got really confused making the lining for the bag and found it hard to figure out which fabrics to cut for which part, but i got there in the end! i used fabric from maureens first fabric line, wild and free (another favourite of mine) i love the fun mix of fabrics and it brightens up the bag! also look at that magnetic clasp, soo proud of that :)

i think its the extra little bits that make handmade items special! i added a little bit of extra fabric to the handles to lengthen them and also because i can and its cute :) i also added some ribbon for a little tag, to add to the handmade look! do you like the handmade look, or do you prefer items not looking handmade?

i am definetly not a bag making person, give me a quilt to make any day, but i am super happy and proud that i completed this bag (there may start being more here on the blog) i read lots of reviews before making this bag, to help me along, but i still found the pattern quite hard to understand, which may be because im not a bag maker, overall it was a great pattern and makes a good room-y sized bag, its already had a workout, going shopping in town :)

today is also tillys birthday!! she is 14 and looking as good as ever :)

rachael x

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