Thursday, 21 August 2014

dare i say it? ....10 little quilt-y secrets

so i seemed to have taken july off from blogging, i'll blame it on summer! i was going to do a catch-up type post of what's been going on, but then i realised i'm not that interesting and there hasn't been a lot going on, mostly having pj days or escaping the noisiness of the builders (we're getting a kitchen/extension thing) so instead of a catch-up i'm going to share some quilt-y secrets a-la molli sparkles and amy at 13 spools

1. i always quilt from the top left to the bottom right! i've never understood the whole quilt from the centre thing.

2. brown fabrics are the best!! they're not boring or icky! they are almost as good as aqua (almost!)

3. i have always used steam in my iron, without steam the fabric just doesn't lay flat.

4. i have never squared up a quilt, to be honest i don't even really know what it means! 

5. i never hand-sew down my binding i always do it by machine (i hand-sewed down binding on one quilt and never again!) 

6. i don't like (and am scared of) cats! (i know that's not quilting related but lots of people post pictures of cats on quilts, so it's kinda sort-of related)

7. i don't know if i like cotton + steel, or if i only like it cause everybody else does! (of course i have bought some, just to see haha)

8. i don't use scraps! i only keep them because it's the 'thing' to do! 

9. wonky? i just don't get it, i think it's more messy than 'modern'

10. i am a pinner! i pin and over pin everything!!

so what about you, do you have any quilt-y little secrets? :)

rachael x

Monday, 21 July 2014

sewvivor - the floral suitcase

eeek! well i've decided to enter the sew-vivor competition! it's the quilters edition so how could i not? sew-vivor is a sewing competition hosted by rach at family ever after where 16 sew-y people are chosen and then have 'tasks' to do until there is only 1 left standing, fun huh?

so this is my audition quilt! and guess what? it's my retro butterflies quilt or maybe it should be called 'an ode to bonnie and camille fabric' oh and get ready for lots of pictures!

ta-dah! for this quilt i decided to use 'all' of my bonnie and camille fabric stash, so there is bliss, ruby, vintage modern, marmalade, happy go lucky, scrumptious and april showers and i love it! it has all my favourites and lots of pink, i also love the scrappy look of it. oh and also one of the squares is flannel!

i made this quilt in one of judiths classes and i had never sewn curves before this quilt but with judiths excellent teaching and 96 curves later i now think i'm a pro (if only) i found sewing the curves hard at the start, but by the end they were almost (dare i say it) fun! and don't even get me started on the 3/8" seam allowance!

when i started making the quilt i didn't have a real plan, i couldn't decide between colour blocking or scrappy so in the end i did both! and i think it adds a little something different to the quilt. my favourite block is the navy, with the 'odd one out' aqua square!

for the quilting i decided to do something new to me, i did daisy-chain quilting (like loopy quilting only instead of loops i did little flowers) because butterflies like flowers! i started with aurifil yellow thread and changed halfway through to aqua thread just for fun!

i couldn't resist a pink backing, i used my favourite print from scrumptious! and a green binding with a bit of pink thrown in just because! the pattern had a scrappy border, but with the scrappy-ness of the main quilt i added a big border instead and i'm really happy with how it turned out!
i know i say it about all my quilts but this one really is my favourite!!

there are soo many great entries you should really go over and look at them all! and even if i don't get through i will be watching on the sidelines at all the amazing quilt-y-ness (yes that is a word :)

rachael x 

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

sailing away...

guess what? i made another cushion! they're just so 'quick' and fun to make in the middle of big quilt-y projects! when i saw jessies amazing quilt i knew i had to make the block, but i didn't want to make a big quilt, so a cushion was the obvious answer.

i went to my fabric closet and pulled all the navy fabrics i had, it such a good colour, it might even be replacing my favourite aqua colour! i paired them with a small blue pin-dot on white, which was actually surprisingly hard to find, i think it just adds to the cuteness factor.

the block is mostly made up of HST's (half square triangles) and i found that i don't totally hate trimming them, dare i say i found it quite enjoyable while *singing* loudly along with frozen! the four blocks themselves didn't quite make my cushion cover big enough, so i added borders in the most prettiest heather bailey check/plaid-type fabric (along with navy, plaid is quickly becoming a favourite)

*i love sunspots* a bit of loop quilting (to look like waves) and a linen envelope back and ta-dah! it's finished! i have to say i'm soo happy with it!!

this cushion is for sale and listed in my etsy shop
you can find the cushion cover here

linking up with fabric tuesday at quilt story

rachael x

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

new blogger blog hop!

hello! i'm super excited to be part of the new bloggers blog hop hosted by the lovely beth from plum and june. there is a great bunch of bloggers and it's been fun getting to know everybody!

so hello! (again) welcome to my little blog! i'm rachael, i am 22 and studying graphic design, i love being a student! oh and i love hot chocolate, i have metal knees and i never use capital letters (sorry to all the grammar people out there)

i have been sewing and quilting for about, wow! 4 years, ever since the day i found out about bonnie and camille fabric *swoon* and i've been hooked ever since! i'm internet and book taught, i did go to a class at a quilt shop nearby but that's better not talked about!

i love bright, fun fabrics! but i also love soft 'pretty' fabrics and quilts, i guess i'm still finding my 'style'. i blog about my current projects and fabrics and sometimes tilly (my dog) will pop up!

this was my *favourite* quilt i made last year, i'm sure i'm not the only one whose favourite quilt changes daily :) 

big quilt-y projects are great, but i have to say there is nothing more satisfying than small projects, especially cushions, last year i went on a bit of a cushion kick! one of my favourite things is sketch-y applique! and see those boxes up there? there is a little tutorial coming soon to make your own :)

here are two of my current wip's retro butterflies and red letter day by thimbleblossoms! and i'm so, so excited that my retro butterflies quilt is almost finished (well it just needs basted, quilted and bound, but sure that's almost finished!)

and here is my little blogging tip: just have fun! write what you want to write about and just have fun :) oh and a little quilting tip: if you haven't tried free motion quilting, you totally should because it's so ( i can't think of another word) fun! and really not as scary as you think!

thank-you :) for visiting my blog! and guess what? there are lots more blog to visit today, yay! have fun!

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rachael x

Friday, 23 May 2014

gone campin'...

This weekend i'm away camping with 50! cubs!! it's going to be a noisy weekend, but oh so much fun. we were told not to bring a pillow, but me being the rule-breaker i am just had to bring a pillow, enter the caravan pillow (get it? caravan, camping, clever huh?) it is massive finishing at 27 inches. it won't be getting slept on, the cubs and young leaders have already decided to do all nighters haha. so here's to a noisy weekend and is it bad that i'm sort of hoping for rain :)

rachael x

p.s my brother saw this and asked why i made a big poke-ball *sigh* boys! but i do have to agree with him now that he has said it!

linking up with crazy mom quilts

p.p.s pattern by bee in bonnet

Sunday, 18 May 2014

up in the sky - bloggers quilt festival

this is my first time entering the bloggers quilt festival over at amys creative side! there are soo many amazing quilts linked up, you should go and check them out!

the quilt i am linking up is my 'up in the sky' quilt (which i started almost a year ago!) are you ready for lots of pictures?!

i fell in love with the low volume look and jumped on the bandwagon after seeing rita @ red pepper quilts, low volume quilts. i wanted to keep it simple and went with 5inch square patchwork. i used one of westwood acres amazing low volume fabric bundles and added in my favourite pink fabrics, including a much hoarded square of heather ross fabric!

i have to say when i had finished piecing the top i fell a little out of love with it, and it sat and sat for months being neglected, then one random day i decided to baste it with this backing fabric and start quilting 1/4" on each side of the seam, it was all going well, then i got distracted by other pretty projects and it got neglected again!

after months of it staring at me i decided this week to finally finish it! and i decided to have some fun with the thread, there are 4 different colours used, variegated red, pink, sea foam blue and navy (all aurifil of course)

and ta-dah! here it is in all its (i should stop referring to it as 'it') glory

i have now fallen back in love with my pink quilt! and will be bringing it to cub camp with me next weekend! i bound it with a navy joel dewberry print, even though i was told it would't work, but then i like things that don't necessarily work.

i love this little bunny print and wish i knew what it was. the finished size is 61"x70" the perfect size for snuggling under.

so that is the story of my 'up in the sky' quilt, my longest ever work in progress, but i'm soo glad i finished it!

rachael x 

sew mama sew giveaway winner!

thank-you! to everyone that entered my little giveaway and thank-you to all my new followers! and now i have lots of new movies to watch, yay!

so the winner of the retro butterfly mini quilt is...

number 67! who is vicki h

well done! i'll send you an email in a mo! and get your prize in the post to you this week! again a big THANK-YOU to everyone that entered.

rachael x