Monday 29 April 2013

c, what if i can't??

has it really been a week? it seems like far longer but also that it was yesterday, everything's a bit floopy at the moment.
i have been sewing non stop it seems but yet i have very little to show, my 'sewing room' is a fabric-y mess of projects in various stages of completion, it's an organised mess just how i like it!
this week i'm focusing on binding

i have to say binding is probably my least favourite part, but it's pretty so i don't really mind it. can you tell i have a thing for stripey bindings??

a boy quilt, this was fun as i'm always doing girly quilts i thought i'd mix it up and make a boy one, i was quite surprised to find that i had enough boy-y fabrics, this is awaiting binding and then its done!

prairie points are so fun i think i'll be adding them to a lot of projects in the near future, they're also totally adorable! this one is also just awaiting its binding.

just for fun if you fancy a giggle (and don't mind a bit of rude language) you should totally watch this video and who says women can't drive? haha

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rachael x

Monday 22 April 2013

kinallen debonaire*

*my title today is my dogs proper name*

i recently joined do.good stitches a charity bee on flickr. they were looking for a circle to be started in the uk, so i thought i'd join i am part of the together circle.
for april fiona asked us to make 16 patch quilt blocks these came together so quick and they're fun to make

the quilt is going to look great when its all put together. i am really excited about this bee and i love that its for charity and that we can help people through a tough time with a lovingly made quilt.
now off to brush my hair and away to the post office - yay!

rachael x

Friday 19 April 2013


it's kinda fun not sleeping you get to a point where everything just becomes 'squirly' its interesting and did i mention fun!! on one of my sleepless nights i decided to pull out my liberty fabric and some linen and see what happened, with no real plan i started cutting i ended up with log cabins, my sleepy brain thought was quite surprised

i hardly ever use my liberty fabric it really is so soft and perfect paired with the linen (if i do say so my self) i ended up cutting enough for two cushions, so i made another one

very similar only on this one i switched the order. i did minimal quilting just stitched in the ditch (hey that rhymes) so as to go with the simple design, they both are about 19 inches a good size to be super comfy (that's if they're allowed to be sat on)
another tick off my list and they're all ready to go to the craft fair, all my sewing is craft fair sewing at the mo so prepare yourselves for lots and lots of pictures :) yaayy!!

oh aren't they pretty together??

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rachael x

*oh and i've decided that my titles will have absolutely nothing to do with the post, for instance todays title is a brand of yoghurt...

Tuesday 16 April 2013


*when i first started quilting i thought wadding was called waddling*

did you have a nice weekend? i had a very 'sew-ie' weekend as i mentioned earlier i did pretty well and got two finished but i ran out of wadd(l)ing so i decided to make table runners.
im very happy of one of my finishes cause i tried a new to me quilting technique

i jumped on the #scrappytripalong bandwagon when the impromptu quilt along started on instagram, it really is such a quick and fun quilt to put together once you get your head around the seam ripping

what i love about it is that i got to use some of my favourite fabrics and some of my not so favourite fabrics and they all work well together, this truly is scrappy, using near every print in my stash

 i decided to step out of my stippling zone and try something new, i went with the dogwood quilting and after just a few hiccups i was away, its really fun and creates such a nice look, you should try it, its not hard at all

my new favourite solid is bella aqua and i think it is just the perfect finishing frame to balance out the scrappyness

its quite a big quilt perfect for snuggling under and looking at all the different fabrics, i didn't really like it before i quilted it, but i reallly like it now!!

rachael x

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Saturday 13 April 2013

heads down, thumbs up

do you remember that game? i don't but it popped into my head and it makes a good title so isn't that fascinating? haha 'c' always used to comment on my 'soliloquies'

anyhoo this is my plan for the weekend...

to get these three tops basted, quilted and bound, i will try really hard not to get distracted.... oooh look a bird! *tehe*

what are your weekend plans??

rachael x

Thursday 11 April 2013


jumble is such a fun word! it was my theme for my a-level art exam, i made an {arty} quilt, it was the second one i'd ever made, i'll maybe show you it sometime anyway this post will be a big jumble of "stuff"

1. it was my birthday last week i am now officially old! i turned 21 a full adult now which is a bit of a scary thought considering i act like a 10 year old

excuse the terrible photo it was quickly taken before the cake was devoured
my birthday cake :) that was seriously about 20cm tall and absolutely scrumptious! but more exciting than the cake is my present

*squeal* yes i'm going to the retreat i am beyond excited, i really can't wait a whole weekend of sewing is just total bliss.

2.  this is a little magazine that pops into our letter box every month and i am totally inspired by the front cover, i really like the combination of colours and it almost makes me want to try a cathedral windows quilt

3. i am not sleeping well at the minute because every time i go to sleep i have the same scary dream narrated by terry wogan, why him? i have no idea. so i am staying up all night most nights which makes for an interesting day the next day

excuse dodgy photo that won't rotate taken at 4am when i couldn't sleep
at least when i'm not sleeping i'm being productive, right?

4. i very rarely wear matching socks i like to live on the edge and wear odd socks it makes the day better trust me everyone should wear odd socks

my lovely pink carpet haha

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Monday 1 April 2013

disappearing in the woods

hmm that title sounds a bit sinister, i can definetly assure you its not sinister in the slightest, its the name of my recent quilt finish, wanna see?

when 'a walk in the woods' by aneela hoey came out i just had to buy it, i just love the candy pink and blues. i bought a layer cake and there it sat, so i finally decided to cut it up! i wanted to make a cute baby quilt, enter the disappearing 9 patch, it's such a fun block.

i quilted in a loopy meandering pattern, with a variegated thread its really nice to see the thread changing throughout the quilt. i tried a new to me binding technique, i've always machine stitched it on with using a zig-zag stitch but this time i sewed in the ditch on the front and catching the back, it turned out well i think this will my new binding method.

see the binding? you can see the stitching on the back but it creates a really neat finish. stitched my label on and now its all ready for the craft fair in may :)

and a stripey binding shot for good luck, i love me a good stripey binding!!

quilt stats
fabric- a walk in the woods by aneela hoey
backing- dotty fabric from ikea
binding- marmalade by bonnie and camille
size- 36" x 36"

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rachael x