Friday 29 March 2013

cut. pin. sew. repeat.

i am a procrastinator or maybe i'm just easily distracted, because this week i have done anything but sew. For instance i know now that i have 118 pins, that i want to redecorate my 'sewing room' in the colours aqua and white with splashes of pink (i love pink) but who knows if i'll ever do it without being distracted, i also found fabric which i had no idea i had, which makes me think i buy to much fabric haha.
so today i sat down at my sewing machine and sewed and i didn't get distracted, yay!!

my second cushion from judiths class. on this one i used satin stitch to sew around the letters, its harder than it looks, i'll not show you a close up because my stitches are just a teeny bit crooked. again i had to do the 'sketchy' writing its just too much fun not to do it, but boy did it take me forever to come with what to write, its says cut, pin sew repeat. these cushions are slightly addicting i have another one just sitting to be sewn up. 

i have a thing for checks, i love me a good checked fabric and navy polka dots, match made in heaven. my mum took my last cushion, so this one will be for me it sits happily in my room. i have 4 quilt tops that are waiting patiently to be quilted, my plan this weekend is to get this one finished (unless i get distracted)

these are the colours i'm going to quilt it in, i think they're very eastery, good for easter weekend. can you tell i edited it in picmonkey? i could seriously spend hours playing around with all the different filters, so fun.

so are you easily distracted/ a procrastinator? 

rachael x

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Sunday 24 March 2013

catch up

thank you all sooo much for your lovely comments on my last post, they were so sweet and even made me feel better so thank you, thank you, thank you!! :)
i've decided that its not going to bother me so i'm moving on, so here is whats been going on over here:

my parents (well mum) recently decorated their bedroom and thought it needed 'something', enter me and bright fabric to create a disappearing 9 patch in a frame (its brighter in real life)

photo from garden show ireland
i have signed up to do a 3 day craft fair at the garden show ireland. its in may so i better get sewing, i'm looking forward to it.

tilly got a haircut, she went from really scruffy to really short hair, it's always funny when she gets her hair cut, we feel a bit bad because almost as soon as she got cut, this came

yes it snowed!! i love the snow, its pretty and makes everywhere silent, i've been like a big kid out playing in it and having snowball fights :)

there has been a little sewing, very, very little i just haven't felt like sewing but i've spent all weekend in my 'sewing room' and should have a finish to show very soon. to compensate for my lack of sewing there has been a lot of fabric arriving at the house
isn't it pretty? i've got plans for all of it
and because everyone else is doing it you can now follow my blog with bloglovin, just claiming it here

rachael x

Wednesday 20 March 2013

dot dot dot

ben howard - only love

*this is not a crafty, sewey type post*

do you believe that everything happens for a reason? in the space of three months everything i was certain of changed, nothing is how it was. why? the never ending question, of course i know the reason why, but that doesn't mean that it's not hard. right now i feel like i'm peddling in mud, no matter how hard i try, i don't get anywhere, i'm stuck and can't manage to get past this point and i really am trying because i don't want to feel this way. when does it get easier? i know that it's never 'easy' but i didn't think it would be this difficult, surely there has to be easy times where everything just works and for that time everything is just 'right' it all falls into place, because right now its hard, its too hard and i want it to stop, i can't handle it.

i want to look back in six months/ a year from now and see if i let it defeat me or if in fact it has got easier, right now its defeating me.

rachael x

Wednesday 6 March 2013

wip progress {2}

my recipe for fun on a grey rainy day:

1. take some very professional quilty math and drawings.

2. dig out your go baby that you've had for over a year and have barely used.

3. turn the handle many, many, many times until you have the right number of pieces, sew, press, iron, repeat until you have your finished block.

4. repeat all over again, to continue having fun.

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Tuesday 5 March 2013


is it cushion or pillow? i always get confused. anyway i made a cushion, yay! last year when the granny square craze started i jumped right on the bandwagon (yes i'm a bandwagon jumper) i didn't get very far, i made 3 1/2 and then moved onto something else, well i pulled them out yesterday, finished the fourth block and made a cushion

i used the tutorial from blue elephant stitches. i dived into my {overflowing} scrap box for this, and i have to say the scrappy look is starting to grow on me. it ended up pretty big at about 20inches and its oh so snuggly

ikea is amazing, i got the backing fabric from there and i think it suits it just perfectly. you will definetly be seeing more of this fabric.

and look i even added my own little label, its so adorable, my goal is to open an etsy shop and start doing craft fairs, so i got me some labels made from here.
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rachael x

Friday 1 March 2013

fresh sewing day

wow! did february whizz by, i'm shocked its already march and its my big brothers birthday tomorrow :)

well february started me blogging again and i have to say i am really excited about my 'blogging adventure' and here is what i got up to this month

 two quilts tops and a cushion, that is actually quite a lot for me (my #scrappytripalong will be getting a post soon)
yesterday judith posted the blocks for bee blessed and i loved them i just had to make them straight away, so that is how i spent last night

they were fun and really easy to make, i didn't even mind the half square triangles.
in non sewing related news 

miss tilly (my dog) had a little adventure today, yes she had escaped and was away for an hour, oh shes a mischievous one, but shes back home safe and sound now.

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