Wednesday 1 March 2017

{making me smile}

can you believe it is the first of march? this year really does seem to be flying by and that means i only have 6 weeks left of uni! I have to say while i really love winter, this one has seemed very long and i am looking forward to spring, it's already nice to see the daffodils and crocuses popping their heads out.

1. i am so enjoying making these little fabric stamps, rooting through my fabric stash to find cute wee pictures to fussy cut has been so much fun! it has also let me see my fabrics through new eyes and i have fallen in love with my stash all over again :) these are seriously addictive to make and i seem to have made a nice wee stack of them and they're still growing! i got the idea and there's a wee tutorial over at nanacompany's blog

(mr tumnus, ice queen, turkish delight and the beavers)
2. sunny days! when the sun comes out it just makes everyone more cheerful and happy! we haven't had many sunny days, but on monday it popped its head out and i went for a lovely walk. i walked down to c.s lewis square and wow it is amazing! it was brilliant seeing all the characters (mr. tumnus is my favourite) and the sculpture of aslan is stunning, it really is lovely to see and you should pop down if you're over that way!

3. my backing fabric arrived for my lost sock quilt, which i realise now i have never actually blogged about! i promise i will :) as soon as i saw those wee racoons by cotton and steel, i knew it would be the perfect backing! i am really drawn to navy and white at he minute and those racoons are just too cute :) it's a question i've been wondering - do you use 'fancy' fabric for backing your quilt? or do you use sheets/duvets etc? i am mostly a sheet kind of person, but this was just a little splurge :)

4. i have been home from uni for the week, i go back today! but i have loved being able to have long, relaxing baths using all the cute bubble bars and bath bombs from lush! this ladybug (ladybird?) was too adorable not to get and it creates the best bubbles haha

these are some of the things that have been making me smile :) what has been making you smile recently?

rachael x