Tuesday 18 November 2014

a catch-up post

last week my camera went to camera heaven, it was a sad day! so i'm on the look-out for a new camera, i would love to hear any suggestions you have. there has been some sew-y, crochet-y stuff going on over here, so here is a little catch-up! 

when the weather gets cold(er) i always turn to crochet, this years project is the attic24 raindrop stitch cushion. i had originally planned to do all the colours together, but i think it looks better separated with the white. i have never finished any of the crochet projects i start, so *fingers crossed* i finish this one!

 my animal cushions got a little bit of a makeover! i got the idea that they just *had to* be made in patchwork, and i have to say i'm a little bit in love with them! don't they look perfect on my bed? oh and i love my cosy duvet cover at the minute. side note: i had to make my bed to take this picture!

i've got some secret sewing to-do! and i'm soo excited about it (also i feel like one of the 'cool' kids having secret sewing) 

this is my latest quilt finish 'a study in pretty' but i'm finding it reallly hard to take good pictures of my quilts, and because they aren't good i don't blog about them! any suggestions on how to take good quilt pictures are very welcome!!

this pile of fabric is destined to become curtains. they are something i said i would never make, but i've made one and it's just like making a quilt, only without the waddling.

so now you're all caught up! next up i might actually have a few finishes to show you!

rachael x

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