Tuesday 28 April 2015

a bear doing a hand-stand

i'm still loving pink, yellow and aqua and while i'm still working on my night sky blocks i just got a *little*  bit distracted! have you heard about love quilting and patchwork magazine? you more than likely have unless you close your eyes and cover your ears a lot! i get it *nearly* every month but have never, ever made something from it (hands up who else gets magazines and never makes what's in them?) until i was looking through last months and was stopped in my tracks!

isn't it just amazing!! i just had to make it (and may have to make another one!) it is made using quilt as you go (or QAYG as the 'cool' kids say) and i've never done this technique before so i was excited to try it. (the pattern is by megan from quilt story)

and it was soo fun! i never really understood the whole concept of quilting as you go, but it's literally what it says on the tin, you sew a piece down and then quilt it, having done it now seems super obvious, but i could just not understand how to do it before!

i really like the look of the straight line quilting, cause i am usually a free motion girl, so it was fun doing straight-ish lines. and wow does it use a lot of thread, i used 2 bobbins! my cushion came together really quick and it is a really well written pattern. 

the pattern said to use piping, but i just decided to use binding, i used navy for that little extra pop! i think it sets of the sweetness of the colours perfectly

now that i've tried QAYG i want to make all the things, next up i think i'll have to make a QAYG quilt, maybe this one!

have you ever tried QAYG? did you like it and find it super fun? what have you made using QAYG?

rachael x

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Wednesday 22 April 2015

yellow, pink + aqua

the sun seems to have arrived and that means start a new project! it doesn't matter that i have many {many} unfinished quilts sitting in my sewing room, it should be a rule that when get it starts getting sunny you're allowed to start a new project!

i have seriously been crushing hard on the colours pink, yellow and aqua, they just go together perfectly! what started with just a couple of fabrics that i bought at the stitch and creative craft show (it's a show that happens twice a year and has lots of yummy fabrics you only ever see on the internet) turned into me diving into my fabric stash pulling all the yellows, pinks and aquas!

i didn't have a plan as to what i was going to make with them, i just knew i needed to make something! i looked through all my patterns and the one that jumped out at me was night sky by thimbleblossoms ahh perfect!

oh they're just so sweet, i am completely smitten and will be sewing away at this every moment i have! i've only made 4 blocks out of many, which is fine by me as i will never tire of this!

rachael x

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Tuesday 21 April 2015

hattie the rabbit

do you ever make something and just fall madly in love with it? i am seriously in love with my latest finished project! 

so i'd like to introduce you to hattie the rabbit :) ooh isn't she just soo cute?! and i had soo much fun stitching her together. she is made with this pattern by alicia paulson

she is all hand-stitched, which if you know me i do not like hand-stitching at all! but hattie was worth it!

hattie loves to explore and loves playing with fabric (of course) she loves flowers and pretty dresses, she's not really girl-y but likes lots of girl-y stuff! but...

...her absolute favourite thing to do is climb trees and go on adventures, but she wishes she knew how to tie her shoe laces so she doesn't keep tripping over them on her adventures!

i used the kit to make her but instead of using the liberty fabric to make her dress and ears i used my absolute favourite print from wild and free by maureen cracknell i think i will be making many more dresses for her for all the seasons!

it wasn't one of the easier projects i've done, just because it's all hand sewn and i had to learn all the stitches (but seriously how fun is blanket stitch?) i'm glad i persevered and finished her, because she is just too cute to be left sitting in the big pile of all my other unfinished projects!

rachael x

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