Tuesday 27 August 2013

*fist bump*

i have really got to stop being a sporadic blogger (isn't that a fun word, spo-rad-ic, oh i'll be saying that all day now)

mostly when i sit down to write a post i know exactly what i'm going to write, today i'm just gonna 'wing it' as the young people say and see how it goes...

i know you've already seen this quilt so you can skip this bit if you want. at the dalriada festival last month there were these lovely, old, vintage-y tractors and i just knew i wanted to do a photo-shoot with some of my quilts. i always think that my photos aren't good enough and like always fret over them to make them just 'perfect' and if i do say so myself i rather like these photos (above) do you worry/stress over the photos you're going to post on your blog/internet??

i'm still doing craft fairs, and i really love them, it really is true all crafters are just the nicest people. this is my stall at the fine and dandy market, it's a monthly market in the crescent arts centre, it's brilliant really ecletic and the atmosphere is just 'buzzing' (you can see me taking this picture in the picture haha)

i've been on a cushion making kick lately, there are just so many ideas and designs for cushions, i've really made loads and have hardly posted any here cause i think you'll get bored looking at photos and photos and photos of cushions.

this might be my favourite cushion mr. badger i just love his little fat tummy and the contrast with the tweed, oh yea that's another thing i have fallen in love with tweed fabric and i can't seem to find it anywhere it's as elusive as linen!

hmm i think my unplanned-ness sorta worked in a big jumble type of way. what does everybody else do, do you plan out what you're going to write? or do you just 'wing it'?

rachael x

Wednesday 21 August 2013

i finally found my headphones.

it's seriously been like forever since i blogged, lets just say it was my mourning time for brian haha.

anyhoo lets see what i've been upto:

i became a student :) starting september i'll be going back to school and i can honestly say i am beyond excited!! oh and yes i'm not looking at the camera in my picture and it kinda makes me look crossed eyed haha.

there has just been a little bit of fabric shopping, i finally got some briar rose and linen, which i already have some plans for :) oh and i got katy's blogger bundle, i seriously love this bundle and have had dreams about it haha i cannot wait to cut it up.

i've also done a bit of sewing, my new machine was meant to arrive ages ago, but it didn't (it came yesterday *yay*) so the shop very kindly let me borrow theres until mine arrived.

i made a set of placemats for a commission. i love that they're soo bright! the fabric is terrain by kate spain, i had a fat quarter bundle of it from ages ago and finally used it!

now you all know i love cows, right? you don't? well i LOVE cows i think they are just like the cutest animal, so of course i had to put one on a cushion. now i have to say i think she looks more like a duck, but i still like her :)

and finally

picture from google images

i discovered garth brooks music! ahh you can't beat a little bit of country music haha

rachael x