Tuesday 5 May 2015

a {sort-of} giveaway! *GIVEAWAY CLOSED*

with only a few weeks left in my graphic design course *yay* it is time for my final project! and our final project is too create our own brief/project! i have found through the course that i like love creating and designing logos, here are a few i have designed and made:

so now time for the {sort-of} giveaway! for my final project i would love to design and create a logo and branding for someone quilt-y! so if you have a blog, an etsy shop/small business or have always just wanted a logo for business cards or even just for fun, leave a comment! if more than one person comments i will use random number generator to pick a 'winner' *make sure to leave you email address so i can contact you*

i will work with you and you tell me your favourite colours, what you like, what you don't like and i will create something for you that *hopefully* you will love and is just perfect for you!

rachael x

and the 'winner' is...

thank-you everyone for entering and once my course is finished i will happily design and make logos for you all :)