Wednesday 21 August 2013

i finally found my headphones.

it's seriously been like forever since i blogged, lets just say it was my mourning time for brian haha.

anyhoo lets see what i've been upto:

i became a student :) starting september i'll be going back to school and i can honestly say i am beyond excited!! oh and yes i'm not looking at the camera in my picture and it kinda makes me look crossed eyed haha.

there has just been a little bit of fabric shopping, i finally got some briar rose and linen, which i already have some plans for :) oh and i got katy's blogger bundle, i seriously love this bundle and have had dreams about it haha i cannot wait to cut it up.

i've also done a bit of sewing, my new machine was meant to arrive ages ago, but it didn't (it came yesterday *yay*) so the shop very kindly let me borrow theres until mine arrived.

i made a set of placemats for a commission. i love that they're soo bright! the fabric is terrain by kate spain, i had a fat quarter bundle of it from ages ago and finally used it!

now you all know i love cows, right? you don't? well i LOVE cows i think they are just like the cutest animal, so of course i had to put one on a cushion. now i have to say i think she looks more like a duck, but i still like her :)

and finally

picture from google images

i discovered garth brooks music! ahh you can't beat a little bit of country music haha

rachael x


  1. That's funny that you just discovered Garth Brooks. He retired with more money than even his grand kids can spend ; ) He was awesome. Your fabric purchases look delicious

  2. Hi stranger! Gorgeous makes, hope you have fun on your new machine. Enjoy being a student again - no eating cold baked beans out of tins I hope! Jxo

  3. What are you studying? I'm hoping for the day when I can afford to go back to study again, I've got into that horrible position where I have to work full time to pay the bills and there's no discount for the huge fees, even if I went part time. I really want to do something like pharmaceuticals or chemical engineering.

  4. Is that a BMC card? Looks very like my old one =P

  5. I can't decide if I prefer the placemats or your cushion! I'll just have to say that I love both of them. The simplicity of the placemats let's the fabric sing and that cow is just adorable x

  6. It does not look like a duck! What are you going to be studying?