Tuesday 1 September 2015

pretty pillowcases

i recently completed 10 years as a cub leader, but as i am now heading off to uni i had to say goodbye to all the cubs and leaders, i have to say i am going to miss them! as a thank-you the leaders got me a gift voucher to the textile studio (they know me so well :) ) and i got some lovely fabric to make pillowcases!

i had the hardest time picking my fabrics! i wanted my pillowcases to match but didn't want them too matchy-matchy, i think that makes sense haha. i fell in love with the retro flower print by emma jean jansen and of course that navy from vintage market is just amazing! after picking my main fabrics it was easy picking co-ordinating fabrics for the cuff and trim! can you see my teddy cushion peeking out :)

i followed the tutorial by film in the fridge and they came together really quickly! i didn't get quite enough of the retro flower-y fabric (because i can't read a pattern apparently) so i added a strip of blue, which i think co-ordinates perfectly!

these will brighten up my uni flat and add a little handmade look! so i haven't started packing, or even thinking about packing but at least i have pretty pillowcases, priorities, right? :)

*these pictures were brought to you by my unmade bed :)

rachael x

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  1. The pillowcases are wonderful and will definitely brighten up your room! :)

  2. pillowcases are great and good luck at uni. Best days of your life as oldies like me say. And one more thing, Tracy Emin did very well out of her unmade bed.

  3. These are gorgeous! And an unmade bed is most definitely part of uni life! Jxo

  4. The pillowcases are a great idea! Thanks for sharing the link to the tutorial. I have two Star Wars fans in my house and I just got a flyer from JoAnns that says they are putting their Star Wars fabrics on sale... I'm about to become the coolest mom on the block with Star Wars pillow cases! :-)

  5. The blue strip adds extra cuteness. Enjoy your lovely pillowcases!

  6. I made one last night in a little over an hour or so ... cooking supper at the same time! I had my husband pick up pillows at Walmart. He got extra firm ... they were hard to stuff in the pockets and a tight fit. I think the firmness was the problem. My 9 year old daughter love it.

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