Monday 11 January 2016


hello! i am blowing the cobwebs off and welcoming in the new year! 2015 was a mixed year, with me moving away from home and over to derby to study illustration at university! :) so the last half of the year was spent meeting new people, moving into halls, learning how to cook and wash my own clothes, but i think i've got a good routine now! with all that happening there wasn't much sewing happening! here is a little collage of some of my favourite projects from last year:

i really enjoyed all my projects and im looking forward to finishing off my alphabet quilt this year, i think it might be a favourite! 

it has become a bit of a 'thing' to choose a word for the year and this year i have decided to follow and choose a word! my word for the year is ADVENTURE! i spent the last week of 2015 being a tourist around my hometown seeing all the sights and going on little adventures! 

being a tourist in your hometown is soo much fun! i choose 'adventure' as my word, because i want to leave my comfort zone and say 'yes' more, to be open to new opportunities!! so although it is a bit cliche, i really think 2016 will be my year :)

did you choose a word for the year??

soo i know it's a bit late but HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all!! :)

racahel x

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