Tuesday 18 June 2013

500 days is more than a year

see the zip. be the zip. you are the zip.

after being scared of zips for way too long i decided to tackle them!! at the craft fair, nearly everybody asked if i had oilcloth pouches for make-up or wash bags. so i thought 'hmm that could be an idea' and after many, many failed attempts and patterns, i did it! i have successfully made 1 oilcloth pouch.

it looks absolutely massive here, it's not it's about 6 inches high (the sewing machine is just tiny) do ya want to know a secret?? zips actually aren't that hard at all once you understand that you're sewing a zip.

in fact zips are quite fun to sew, so if you've never tried, go and sew a zip its fun :) 
i had better get sewing i keep forgetting i have a craft fair next weekend. 

question: i have done oilcloth on the inside and outside, would it be better only on the inside? or should i do both on the inside and outside??

rachael x

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  1. Good for you. Zips are easy once you get going. What about doing purses that have oil cloth inside but fabric on the outside as well as doing all oil cloth purses? Just an idea. Di x

  2. You did it! Hooray! Beautiful pouch:)

  3. Job well done R! Told you they weren't that bad! If you have oil cloth on both inside and outside make sure you charge well to cover your costs. Jxo

  4. Congratulations on your first zipper! I know I felt very proud of myself when I did my first not so long ago. I would think oil cloth only on the inside since that is the area most prone to messes.

  5. Zips are definitely easier than sewing with oilcloth! Pesky sticky stuff!

  6. I put my first zip into a small bag recently too, much easier than I thought it would be. Saying that I did follow a great tutorial all the way through. I wouldn't use oilcloth on the inside too as it would make it much harder to sew, there must be something easier and thinner that is still wipe clean.

  7. I read a tip on a blog recently (sorry can't remember which one). They suggested using shower curtains to line wash bags and the like. I haven't tried it yet but I imagine it would be easier to sew than oilcloth and give a 'softer' finish? Might work out more economical too if you're planning on selling them x

  8. I think oil cloth inside and outside might come out a bit bulky? I am sure for some folk, they want both, but a lot of people will be happy with just outside. My ha'p'orth, for what it is worth!