Wednesday 12 June 2013

i have a hole in my sock

i was planning on 'blogging' on something else today and then the post came!! aahh the post came :)

i always forget that in a swap you get something, does that make sense? well anyway my pillow arrived from my PTS10 swap partner and aahhh!! i'm so lucky, wanna see??

it' soo pretty!! and soo me!! thank-you, thank-you thank-you to jessica from a little gray thank- yoouuuuu :) i really love it, it's so perfect!!

just look at the itty-bitty piecing and appliqued circles and the quilting!!

this is the back of the cushion, i said i loved pink and wow is this pink, it's totally amazing, i'm so in love with the whole cushion :) :)

along with my oh-so amazing cushion jessica also sent a few wee extras, a really cool circular pot holder, it's so cool, it's circular!! and some lovely fabric which is always a bonus.

again jessica thank-you, thank-you, thank-you i completely adore my cushion :)

rachael x

p.s i was hoping this one was mine :)


  1. Really lovely cushion. I like the colours and how it is made. Di x

  2. Wow! That is really beautiful! Thanks for showing us.

  3. Love the colours and design! You got a goodun' there chick! Jxo

  4. Lucky indeed! It's beautiful

  5. Wow! Love the pillow. Wow! Love the potholder. Wow! Love the fabric too. Each thing seems better than the next, and I'm certainly jealous. They look like stunning swap items.

  6. I totally adore this, I feel like I need to make one for myself!

  7. What a lovely pillow to receive - beautiful colours, what a lot of work went into that. You were very lucky.

  8. this is incredible, I just love the little deer.