Tuesday 30 July 2013


brian the sewing machine 2007-2013

well my sewing machine arrived back from london and i am afraid to say that he did not make it intact and he is no longer with us. what should have been a very happy day, very quickly turned sad, when brian of only 6 years was taken from this earth far too early. all i can say is brian you were a brilliant machine and shall be very dearly missed. 

now imagine 'i will remember you' playing quietly in the background and a montage of photos of me and my sewing machine laughing and smiling, haha.

rachael x


  1. Oh man! Did he jump or was he pushed!?

  2. Oh no Rachel! I do hope you will get a replacement for Brian from th insurance!

  3. Oh dear! Poor Brian! What happened? Jxo

  4. That is sad. I hope you get a replacement soon. Di x

  5. Poor Brian! Looks like you're going to have to get a new man in your life;-)

    On another note, I love your scribblings on the wall behind Brian!

  6. A moment of silence for Brian the departed........................hey, anyone have snacks?