Sunday 18 May 2014

up in the sky - bloggers quilt festival

this is my first time entering the bloggers quilt festival over at amys creative side! there are soo many amazing quilts linked up, you should go and check them out!

the quilt i am linking up is my 'up in the sky' quilt (which i started almost a year ago!) are you ready for lots of pictures?!

i fell in love with the low volume look and jumped on the bandwagon after seeing rita @ red pepper quilts, low volume quilts. i wanted to keep it simple and went with 5inch square patchwork. i used one of westwood acres amazing low volume fabric bundles and added in my favourite pink fabrics, including a much hoarded square of heather ross fabric!

i have to say when i had finished piecing the top i fell a little out of love with it, and it sat and sat for months being neglected, then one random day i decided to baste it with this backing fabric and start quilting 1/4" on each side of the seam, it was all going well, then i got distracted by other pretty projects and it got neglected again!

after months of it staring at me i decided this week to finally finish it! and i decided to have some fun with the thread, there are 4 different colours used, variegated red, pink, sea foam blue and navy (all aurifil of course)

and ta-dah! here it is in all its (i should stop referring to it as 'it') glory

i have now fallen back in love with my pink quilt! and will be bringing it to cub camp with me next weekend! i bound it with a navy joel dewberry print, even though i was told it would't work, but then i like things that don't necessarily work.

i love this little bunny print and wish i knew what it was. the finished size is 61"x70" the perfect size for snuggling under.

so that is the story of my 'up in the sky' quilt, my longest ever work in progress, but i'm soo glad i finished it!

rachael x 


  1. Such a sweet quilt and a great entry! Jxo

  2. Beautiful job. I love all the different fabrics you used!

  3. Really lovely quilt! Very special fabrics and wonderful blend of colors!

  4. It really is a sweet quilt - I'm so glad you got it finished in time and that the love affair is back on!

  5. What a sweet quilt and beautiful photos!

  6. Very cute... And it looks very soft too. Well done :)

  7. A LOVELY finish. All those sweet fabrics together in one quilt.....: )

  8. I really like this one, there is something about low volume that is just soothing, and with the pops of warm colors, yep, it's a favorite :)

  9. This is a Sunday afternoon nap in the sunshine just waiting to happen! Very pretty.

  10. Excellent finish for sure! How you could ever fall out of love is beyond me...this is just so pretty with the LV and pinks :)

  11. I love this quilt...the colors are so soft and make me want to just cuddle up with it! I have a quilt top I did 10 (yes, TEN) years ago and it's still waiting to be finished. It's on my goal list for 2014.....I hope I get it done. :)

    P.S. Rachel, can you tell me if I still come up as a "no reply" blogger? I've spent two days trying to fix it.....
    Bsellers21 (at) Hughes (dot) net