Thursday 21 August 2014

dare i say it? ....10 little quilt-y secrets

so i seemed to have taken july off from blogging, i'll blame it on summer! i was going to do a catch-up type post of what's been going on, but then i realised i'm not that interesting and there hasn't been a lot going on, mostly having pj days or escaping the noisiness of the builders (we're getting a kitchen/extension thing) so instead of a catch-up i'm going to share some quilt-y secrets a-la molli sparkles and amy at 13 spools

1. i always quilt from the top left to the bottom right! i've never understood the whole quilt from the centre thing.

2. brown fabrics are the best!! they're not boring or icky! they are almost as good as aqua (almost!)

3. i have always used steam in my iron, without steam the fabric just doesn't lay flat.

4. i have never squared up a quilt, to be honest i don't even really know what it means! 

5. i never hand-sew down my binding i always do it by machine (i hand-sewed down binding on one quilt and never again!) 

6. i don't like (and am scared of) cats! (i know that's not quilting related but lots of people post pictures of cats on quilts, so it's kinda sort-of related)

7. i don't know if i like cotton + steel, or if i only like it cause everybody else does! (of course i have bought some, just to see haha)

8. i don't use scraps! i only keep them because it's the 'thing' to do! 

9. wonky? i just don't get it, i think it's more messy than 'modern'

10. i am a pinner! i pin and over pin everything!!

so what about you, do you have any quilt-y little secrets? :)

rachael x


  1. I looked at your list, I quite like brown, I am fair haired and suit brown. One day brown fabric will be loved again. I always use steam in my iron, I'm not really a cat lover either, And I am with you on cotton and steel, Cullen skunk as I think of it now. (was in conversation about it and then had Cullen skunk for lunch)

  2. Oh I've got quilty secrets a-plenty but I've also got a reputation to uphold!! Hee hee! Jxo

  3. Lol, Ok here we go:
    1: I prefer scrap quilting, feel free to send all your scraps to me!! I just find scraps more inspiring than whole cuts for some reason.
    2: I never press if I can help it and I rarely pin. I also avoid trimming my blocks if I think I can get away with it.
    3. I LOVE cats, obviously. Don't like dogs much.
    4. I have a major weakness for blue and green.
    5. I really don't like the Cotton+Steel fabrics much... except for maybe a couple of prints. Don't like Kaffe at all and don't care much for Liberty either! Go figure.
    6. I love wonky and modern, especially putting a modern spin on traditional designs.
    7. I quilt starting from one corner and moving around the quilt clockwise til I've done the edges, then do the center last.

    This was fun, thanks!

  4. You are adorable. I enjoyed your list.

  5. You're so funny! I'm with you on 7 and why not do a scrap bag giveaway! Folks would be delighted to scoop them up from you. Using scraps doesn't come naturally to me either, but I'm getting better at thinking of my scrap basket before cutting into a FQ.

  6. Yey, you've done this too! Apart from 1 and 10 I'm there with you on all of those. Cats scare the **** out of me, it's the claws thing, how they move in and out and that you never know what they're thinking....

  7. so funny. thank you for a good laught!

  8. #1 Do you have a tutorial on that quilting from top left to bottom right?
    #6 I have a cat and I don't like him on my quilts!
    Thanks for sharing!

  9. I am a pinner too. There, I said it out loud! :) I found myself trying to like C&S because of all the rave reviews I kept hearing and even joined a swap, but I just can't like it. Love cats but don't have one.

  10. Love your list, I may need to add #6 to my list!

  11. I'm not scared of cats, but I don't really like them and so skip over blog posts about them. Having read quite a few of these posts, and the comments at the bottom, I don't think that many people actually DO like C+S which makes me wonder what all the hype was about!

  12. great list, I love steam too!!!!

  13. keeping scraps because it is the thing to do is the funniest thing I have read all day!

  14. I like going to the different blogs and seeing some of the different outlooks on quilting. It is very liberating. I actually had some trouble narrowing it down to just the ten. Thanks for sharing.

    I don't pin unless I have to. That one didn't fit into my blog post. I don't have time for pins!