Friday 5 September 2014

i built a house...

... ok so it's made out of fabric and I didn't build it I sewed it, but I used foundation paper piecing and houses have foundations (I learnt that from the builders) so i still sort of built a house!

i knew i wanted my cushion to have a storybook - pretty sort of feel. so a very late friday night fabric pull to take to class on saturday resulted in pinks and navy with a little bit of lace to really get the 'pretty' feel and ta-dah...

...the finished cushion! i'm super happy with how it turned out and my seam ripper didn't even have to make an appearance! i think i might have to try a few more paper piecing projects, now that i understand that it's  all sewn backwards!

recently my fabric tastes have changed quite a bit and i find it really hard to do 'pretty' in my projects, but i think i managed it in the cushion. i used fabrics that had been in my stash for ages, that i was too scared to use, i then realised that was just silly and that they should be used and not hidden away in a closet! i especially love the wildflower print i used in my window.

i continued on with my navy + pink colour scheme on the back, the pattern uses a zipper for the back, but as i'm still getting over my fear of zippers i just did a simple envelope back. i have to say i love the nature/bug fabric from ikea and to add a little bit of interest i added a strip of the map fabric that i used in the front of the house.

i decided to hand-quilt my little house, now i've only ever hand-quilted one other thing so my stitches are a little bit 'rustic' (read super wobbly and uneven) but sure that just adds to the handmade look!

to go along with my storybook feel i just had to add a little piece of storybook tape, i think it just adds that little something!
you can see the rest of the cushions made at judiths class here :)

rachael x

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  1. And a might nice house you build...ahem...sewed. The storybook tape is a nice finishing touch.

  2. It's sooooooo pretty! Well done on the quilting too! Jxo

  3. That is pretty adorable! Well done!

  4. I love the map fabric - especially as the fun stripe on the back of the pillow! Well done and congratulations on the finish.

  5. that is such a pretty house, and yes, you did build it!

  6. Such a great pillow with a cute house! I love houses, too!
    I will be linking your lovely blog during the bloghop hosted by Bonnie Christine and just stoped by to say hi!

  7. I really love the cushion with the house on it! Such a lovely idea. =)

  8. So cute! Love the little touch of lace on it too.

  9. How charming your little house is with it's lace trim and hand quilting. Your hand quilting is great for a novice and it is one of those things that gets better the more you practice. It's also one of those things that is better when you take nose away from being 3" from your quilting - think bigger picture rather than those three individual stitches you wish you could straighten up.