Friday 12 August 2016

{a house for my sewing machine}

i have spent today recovering from an AMAZING day at the festival of quilts yesterday! and today i am going to share my most recent finish, a house for my sewing machine :)

I have had my sewing machine for 3 or 4 years and i have never covered it or had a cover for it, i know! tut, tut! so when kerri's book lovely little patchwork arrived i was soo excited! and love all the projects in it, but one project jumped out at me immediately!

{ my sewing machine with no cover :( } 
it was the adorable sewing machine cover that looks like a house! like really how cute is that?! i set about choosing my fabrics and wanted a vintage-y feel to my house! the blue is from fleet and flourish and the brown (which i think looks like a thatched roof) is a 1930's repro fabric! 

my house cover is all flower-y just how i like it! if only it was a real house :) recently in my projects i have been mainly using collections, so i found it quite difficult to choose fabrics myself not from a collection. i am really happy with my fabric choices and feel more confident in me choosing my own palettes rather than using a whole collections (but i do really love using collections in my work!)

it is a really good and easy to follow pattern! and i had such fun making it. also i got to do some raw edge applique which i haven't done in ages! i really love my little sewing machine house, it is lined with a solid pink and i added some ribbon from my ribbon drawer, to tie it on the sides. 

the pattern suggests adding fussy cuts to all the windows, but i only added one, and adorable little sloth (if you didn't know i love sloths! i even have a sloth tattoo) i love my little sloth just chilling and hanging out in the house, watching over my sewing room :) 

i will be back soon to share lots of pictures from the festival of quilts and to show you all my purchases (there was quite a few *tehe*)

rachael x


  1. I love your little machine house. So cute! Thanks for sharing with TGIFF!

  2. That's really cute! I don't cover mine either, but maybe I should try a fun pattern like this!

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