Sunday 11 September 2016

{festival of quilts}

has it really been a month since i was at the festival of quilts? a lot as happened since then and i am back in derby to start my third (and final) year of uni :) so yes the festival of quilts, WOW! was it amazing! so many beautiful quilts to gaze at and so much fabric to tempt you haha. it was my first time at the festival of quilts and it was way beyond my expectations! it is just so big and i have to admit i did get lost just a little bit :)

it was soo amazing to see all the quilts, to see them in real life rather than on my screen! the quilting on the quilts was breathtaking! there were soo many to see and im quite sure i didnt see all of them. i was also so in awe of the quilts i didnt take that many pictures (i only took like 80-90 pictures!) these were just some of my favourites! and looking at them all has made me really want to try hand quilting and hand piecing, to really take time over my quilts and enjoy all of the stitches. i think that the quilting world is all going a bit fast and i want to slow down in my work :) i think my absolute favourite quilt was the white and red one above! i'm already looking forward to going next year, and of course i did just a tad of fabric buying, well it would have been rude not to!

i think i was quite restrained, dont you? i love all the fabric i bought and some have already been cut into :) it's just really nice to be able to see fabric and not just always on your screen, looking at my purchases it is quite obvious i have a thing for animal fabrics! i treated myself to two special little bundles, one from worn and washed fabrics i have seen them before and this time i just had to treat myself! they are all reclaimed fabrics, from old shirts to bed sheets, they are soo soft, i think they're going to become a cushion! and my second treat was a little bundle of printed linen from cowslip workshop. they are soo cute and i have a thing for linen :)

my favourite fabric is the swans and it has a story! while i was waiting for my lift i was scrolling through instagram and saw that one of the exhibitors had it, the show was closing soon but i ran back in and got a half meter, best decision ever, it's been used in lots of my projects so far :)

have you been to the festival of quilts? if you haven't been you really have to go! :)

rachael x

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  1. This looks like it was an amazing festival. Maybe next year we will travel to the UK to see this. Your fabrics are pretty. I'm glad I found your blog through Sunday Stash.

  2. What fun! The quilts are so lovely. I agree, your swan fabric is perfect!

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