Friday 10 February 2017

{harry potter cushion}

I haven't sewn in forever! i had completely lost my sew-jo but one day while scrolling through instagram this picture by @makershaven popped up and i was stopped in my tracks! i completely fell in love and was inspired to pull fabric right away! here is my fabric pull, as you can see it is very similar to the original *tehe* 

i absolutely love that owl fabric from nightfall by maureen cracknell. i decided to go with QAYG (quilt as you go) as i really enjoyed it last time i did it (here) and i still love the technique and the finished look! but my, it does use a lot of thread! 

you might be wondering why it is a harry potter pillow? well the fabrics are all 'magical' :) and the layout i did was light and dark, because of this quote by albus dumbledore "Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if only one remembers to turn on the light" this is one of my favourite quotes and always makes me feel happy, so now i have a pillow to remind myself of it :)

I used some of my favourite fabrics, like the animal print by art gallery fabrics and the last few pieces of my precious liberty fabric, it's always sad when a fabric runs out, but its better to be used than sitting on the shelf!

i finished it off with a simple envelope back and added a little tag of lace trim, just because :) it finished at about 18 inches. i absolutely loved this whole project, i didn't measure anything, just cut and sewed it together. it was brilliant just having a mindless project to focus on and i have definetly got my sew-jo back, i haven't stopped sewing since i've finished my pillow :)

i think i might also make another one, would anybody fancy a little tutorial to make your own harry potter inspired cushion? :)

rachael x

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  1. Gorgeous! I am a huge HP fan. I love all the fabrics you picked!

  2. He's a wonderfully stern looking owl - very Harry Potter!

  3. I love the fussy cut owl! Thank you for sharing your pillow

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