Thursday 6 October 2016


well i am back at uni and settling into somewhat of a routine, a few early mornings and a couple of late nights :) a few weeks ago my parents came over to visit me and see my house and where i go to school uni! it was so fun showing them around this wee city! although i think i tired them out with all the walking :)

we went exploring to the peak district (and i got the cutest little sign from flossy teacake, seriously her shop is soo cute!) the weather was on our side (by which i mean it didn't rain and it was slightly warm, good ol' british weather!) we had a great couple of days. one of our trips brought us to bakewell, a quaint little village, which you probably guessed, is known for bakewell tarts...

but i dont like bakewell tarts, so i had a yummy gingerbread man :) it was nice just having a dander around and watching the ducks while eating our scrummy buys from the bakery!

on their last day here we had a late breakfast and then we went on a mammoth walk to walk off our big breakfast :) around darley park. a really lovely park in derby and it was a perfect way to spend the last day, although we may all have been slightly knackered after our 'lovely' walk.

and i do still sew! my mum has been asking me since june for a tablerunner! so being the queen of last minute, i pulled some fabrics the day before they arrived :) i was going for a summer into autumn feel with my fabric pull, also i used a tea-towel as my main inspiration (my love for tea-towels is going to get it's own post!) i just wanted to keep the design simple, so i with stripes in varying widths, something quick but also pretty!

and here is the finished tablerunner :) it is double sided, and i just made it with no wadding in between, also i have to say i absolutely LOVE pom-pom trim and think i will be adding it to all my projects for the foreseeable future! my mum loved it, phew! :) and it looks lovely on the kitchen table, if i do say so myself :)

I have also been reading lots, i joined the local library and re-discovered my love for reading, this was my pile of books and i have since moved on to my next pile. i love it and would welcome any book suggestion :)

last year when i moved over to derby i made myself some pretty pillowcases for my bed, well it's become a bit of a tradition, so i had to do it this year too! i was dithering over fabric so much and then i just decided to go for it and use my liberty fabric! yes, i have liberty fabric pillowcases :)

they are soo soft, and soo nice to sleep on! it felt weird cutting into the fabrics, but also good at the same time. im glad i used them and that i'm not just staring at them and stroking them occasionally haha

well that was quite a long and rambly post, so well done if you made it to the end! i'll not have to leave it as long next time!

rachael x 


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