Sunday 24 March 2013

catch up

thank you all sooo much for your lovely comments on my last post, they were so sweet and even made me feel better so thank you, thank you, thank you!! :)
i've decided that its not going to bother me so i'm moving on, so here is whats been going on over here:

my parents (well mum) recently decorated their bedroom and thought it needed 'something', enter me and bright fabric to create a disappearing 9 patch in a frame (its brighter in real life)

photo from garden show ireland
i have signed up to do a 3 day craft fair at the garden show ireland. its in may so i better get sewing, i'm looking forward to it.

tilly got a haircut, she went from really scruffy to really short hair, it's always funny when she gets her hair cut, we feel a bit bad because almost as soon as she got cut, this came

yes it snowed!! i love the snow, its pretty and makes everywhere silent, i've been like a big kid out playing in it and having snowball fights :)

there has been a little sewing, very, very little i just haven't felt like sewing but i've spent all weekend in my 'sewing room' and should have a finish to show very soon. to compensate for my lack of sewing there has been a lot of fabric arriving at the house
isn't it pretty? i've got plans for all of it
and because everyone else is doing it you can now follow my blog with bloglovin, just claiming it here

rachael x


  1. Glad you are feeling better. The fabrics look lovely as does Tilly. Buying fabrics is all part of the quilting process.......and books too ; )

  2. Glad you are feeling better. The fabric looks lovely. I've put the craft fair dates in my diary.

  3. Tilly is so cute! Our dog shrinks by half when she gets clipped too! Love your fabric purchases too! When you don't feel like sewing, buying fabric is the next best thing! Great wall art, clever clogs! Jxo

  4. Love your framed disappearing 9-patch. It's like a "portrait" of your creativity on the wall!