Friday 29 March 2013

cut. pin. sew. repeat.

i am a procrastinator or maybe i'm just easily distracted, because this week i have done anything but sew. For instance i know now that i have 118 pins, that i want to redecorate my 'sewing room' in the colours aqua and white with splashes of pink (i love pink) but who knows if i'll ever do it without being distracted, i also found fabric which i had no idea i had, which makes me think i buy to much fabric haha.
so today i sat down at my sewing machine and sewed and i didn't get distracted, yay!!

my second cushion from judiths class. on this one i used satin stitch to sew around the letters, its harder than it looks, i'll not show you a close up because my stitches are just a teeny bit crooked. again i had to do the 'sketchy' writing its just too much fun not to do it, but boy did it take me forever to come with what to write, its says cut, pin sew repeat. these cushions are slightly addicting i have another one just sitting to be sewn up. 

i have a thing for checks, i love me a good checked fabric and navy polka dots, match made in heaven. my mum took my last cushion, so this one will be for me it sits happily in my room. i have 4 quilt tops that are waiting patiently to be quilted, my plan this weekend is to get this one finished (unless i get distracted)

these are the colours i'm going to quilt it in, i think they're very eastery, good for easter weekend. can you tell i edited it in picmonkey? i could seriously spend hours playing around with all the different filters, so fun.

so are you easily distracted/ a procrastinator? 

rachael x

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  1. what a great cushion, so apt 'cut, pin, sew repeat', I really like that. I'm so easily distracted and I could get so much done if I just did it and didn't procrastinate, a deadline looming is the only thing to make me actually get down to the task! Have a great weekend :)

  2. Oh I so get the distraction thing! Especially with sewing - so many awesome projects I want to do!

    Your cushion looks really great! Perfect for the sewing room!

  3. Gorgeous cushion R! Great fabric choice! Jxo