Saturday 13 April 2013

heads down, thumbs up

do you remember that game? i don't but it popped into my head and it makes a good title so isn't that fascinating? haha 'c' always used to comment on my 'soliloquies'

anyhoo this is my plan for the weekend...

to get these three tops basted, quilted and bound, i will try really hard not to get distracted.... oooh look a bird! *tehe*

what are your weekend plans??

rachael x


  1. Gosh that is quite a big job to be doing! I hope that you get them done.
    Di x

  2. I think you're gonna have a few more sleepless nights! Jxo

  3. You're going to do three? Don't forget to eat and sleep. I am going to try for one tomorrow ; )

  4. How did you get on? I'd be happy with finishing one!

  5. Your quilt peeks are lovely....looking forward to seeing the finishes!