Friday 19 April 2013


it's kinda fun not sleeping you get to a point where everything just becomes 'squirly' its interesting and did i mention fun!! on one of my sleepless nights i decided to pull out my liberty fabric and some linen and see what happened, with no real plan i started cutting i ended up with log cabins, my sleepy brain thought was quite surprised

i hardly ever use my liberty fabric it really is so soft and perfect paired with the linen (if i do say so my self) i ended up cutting enough for two cushions, so i made another one

very similar only on this one i switched the order. i did minimal quilting just stitched in the ditch (hey that rhymes) so as to go with the simple design, they both are about 19 inches a good size to be super comfy (that's if they're allowed to be sat on)
another tick off my list and they're all ready to go to the craft fair, all my sewing is craft fair sewing at the mo so prepare yourselves for lots and lots of pictures :) yaayy!!

oh aren't they pretty together??

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rachael x

*oh and i've decided that my titles will have absolutely nothing to do with the post, for instance todays title is a brand of yoghurt...


  1. Lovely cushions, really like the mix of styles - have never used Liberty fabrics ... think I'll have to treat myself :)

  2. Now you really are talking like a sleep deprived crazy lady!! Gorgeous cushions! Jxo

  3. Perfect combo of linen and liberty. Take your batteries out before going to least you are not lying there and getting desperate because you aren't sleeping. Look after yourself. Di x

  4. Very nice use of the log cabin design.

  5. The cushions are very pretty! Your window seat looks very inviting too ; )

  6. Very sophisticated!

  7. I love the colour combinations here... unexpected but very calming!

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  9. These are both really pretty

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