Thursday 11 April 2013


jumble is such a fun word! it was my theme for my a-level art exam, i made an {arty} quilt, it was the second one i'd ever made, i'll maybe show you it sometime anyway this post will be a big jumble of "stuff"

1. it was my birthday last week i am now officially old! i turned 21 a full adult now which is a bit of a scary thought considering i act like a 10 year old

excuse the terrible photo it was quickly taken before the cake was devoured
my birthday cake :) that was seriously about 20cm tall and absolutely scrumptious! but more exciting than the cake is my present

*squeal* yes i'm going to the retreat i am beyond excited, i really can't wait a whole weekend of sewing is just total bliss.

2.  this is a little magazine that pops into our letter box every month and i am totally inspired by the front cover, i really like the combination of colours and it almost makes me want to try a cathedral windows quilt

3. i am not sleeping well at the minute because every time i go to sleep i have the same scary dream narrated by terry wogan, why him? i have no idea. so i am staying up all night most nights which makes for an interesting day the next day

excuse dodgy photo that won't rotate taken at 4am when i couldn't sleep
at least when i'm not sleeping i'm being productive, right?

4. i very rarely wear matching socks i like to live on the edge and wear odd socks it makes the day better trust me everyone should wear odd socks

my lovely pink carpet haha

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rachael x


  1. Lovely random, Rachael and belated Happy Birthday! Your sewing looks great and I'm definitely up for promoting your odd sock trend. I hope it goes viral - I hate sock pairing! :)

  2. Happy birthday big girl!! So pleased you are going to FQR too! You'll love it! jxo

  3. Oh wow, I shouldn't laugh but I'd love a dream narrated by Terry Wogan and I don't think I could take a nightmare seriously if it was :D

  4. Happy belated birthday. I love your mis-matched socks--I do that all the time too. Sorry about not sleeping but I sure do love those solids on the ironing board!

  5. Happy birthday. I will look out for you at Retreat. Di x

  6. Happy belated birthday! This entry totally made me smile. Love your quilts too. (And those bright HSTs? Divine!)

  7. I'm so envious that you're going to the Fat Quarterly Retreat and you'll get to meet 2 of my friends Sonia @Fabric & Flowers and Sarah @Quilt Candy, you're going to have an absolute blast. And a very happy (and belated) 21st birthday to you, I hope you really enjoyed your day and your cake (which looks incredibly scrummy)! :)