Monday 20 May 2013

giraffes can't cough

i've only been awake for about 4 hours today! the craft fair was this past weekend so all of this last week was spent getting all the finishing touches ready and getting organized which is sooo hard cause i'm totally not an organized person!!

here is my colourful stall ain't it purdy? i absolutely loved the experience and its great to know that everybody who has ever lived in northern ireland is a truly exceptional quilter!! i really never knew there where so many quilters, it really is fascinating :)

i met some really lovely people and they are what made the whole experience so great! being my first craft fair it was a learning curve for me and i learnt so much thanks to lizzieB she truly is just so lovely and deborah at hampton blue (she has the cutest stuff i treated myself to a moomin purse) this weekend i learnt some real pearls of wisdom so all you quilters listen up

"any old fool can do it!"

while i didn't do particularly well, i met some really fantastic people and learnt alot, i've already started looking for my next fair to do because it really was fun minus just a few little bits :)
the best part was the mud, i'm not a girly-girl far from it so i absolutely loved the mucky fields and just getting all muddy!

rachael x

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  1. Your stall looks amazing! So pleased you enjoyed the experience! Happy sleeping! Jxo

  2. Why can't giraffes cough?? Now I have to find out!! Your booth does look mighty purdy and I am glad you enjoyed the craft fair experience - it would scare the pants off me. Thanks for linking up with Let's Get Acquainted today!!

  3. Your booth looks terrific! I don't think I could ever get up the nerve to do that. I loke your scrappy trip around the world I see there:)

  4. Your booth looks lovely. Hope you got a good price for your quilts