Friday 3 May 2013

heffalumps and woozles

what do you do when you've lost your seam ripper in the green sofa of doom?

you go searching for it and find bondaweb instead and completely forget about the seam ripper and just accept that it is gone forever!!

bondaweb is always fun to play with, but it first has to give me a headache trying to remember how to use it, i can't work backwards.

have you read the suitcase kid by jacqueline wilson? there was a toy rabbit called raddish in it and this was the inspiration for my cushion cover.

the border fabric is the new anna maria horner linen, its great to work with. i embroidered little clouds to add to the cuteness factor.

while the bondaweb was out i decided to make another and you can't go wrong with a 'home sweet home' cushion

sketchy applique is so fun i really like the 'primitive-ness' of it. so two more to add to the craft fair pile, which is fast approaching and i've still got loads to do, eek!!

rachael x

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  1. Some lovely projects - especially the cute bindings

  2. Sweet!
    Yes I always buy two of to use and one to lose......if I find the lost one it feels like a bonus!

    Happy Sewing, careful searching around in the couch cushions for the pointy ripper :0)

  3. CUTE! You have a flair for it :)

  4. That bunny is KILLING me -- so cute!

  5. So nice! I'm glad that you lost the seam ripper and got sidetracked. Di x

  6. that little bunny is just DARLING!! and love the cute little houses!

  7. Adorable! Your sketching is beautiful! Jxo

  8. love these! And I am exactly like you with getting sidetracked LOL

  9. Both projects are super cute. I especially like the bunny one.

  10. I love both of your little quilts. Very primitive.