Wednesday 8 January 2014

my sewing room

just after christmas i was sitting wondering what to do and then it came to me re-decorate the toy-room (the sewing room) good idea, huh?

so i started stripping the wallpaper (tee-hee) and moving all my fabric and sew-y stuff to get ready for painting - heads up! get ready for a picture heavy post, but sure everyone loves pictures!!

this is what i found when all the wallpaper came off, it's 24/2/1928 and it says "papered by jack morgan painter and decorator 'something i can't read' connswater belfast"

an in progress shot, this is how i rang in the new year, i really know how to party hard!! i love the aqua colour

here is the only before picture i have, the room went from being blue to a slightly different colour of blue, are you ready to see the transformation? i'll give you a guided tour around it.

this is the scene you first see when you walk into the room, yes you are greeted by a big roll of waddling, the perfect greeting.

next the ironing board (which desperately needs a new cover) and  my pretty picture wall, it'll be fun to iron now and be able to look at the pictures, which i'm sure i'll add to.

the little quilt-y corner, yes i finally sewed the binding on my little improv mini, this is also the think-y corner, see that roll of paper on the wall? thats's for all my great ideas (haha)

i got rid of the green sofa, i loved it but it was just an excuse for me to messily throw my wip's, unfolded fabric, basically everything, it became like the sofa of doom. a quick trip to ikea quickly fixed that and voila! little cubby holes and boxes to cleverly disguise all the messy fabric and wip's

now i have somewhere to display my baskets of wool, which i will use...someday

the fabric closet also got a little clear-out and tidy, now who knows if it will stay like this i'm guessing no, but i'm gonna try and keep it like this.

my most favourite-est shelf.

i knew that in my 'new' room that i wanted somewhere to be able to take pictures, so this is my picture wall for all my photos for etsy and the blog. that chair will eventually be covered to make it pretty and not like something from the olden day, you know, like the 70's

the swing table! this would be probably be the best part of the decorating, another trip to ikea and i now have a big table, i have to say it is quite a luxury, before my sewing machine sat on my cutting mat, so i had to lift it off to cut and then lift it back up to sew, i know such an inconvenience haha i also added some more cubby holes, em because i lot of crap stuff.

a close-up of my pictures, each month at the fine and dandy market i would treat myself to a picture from one of the many talented exhibitors! you should really go and see for yourselves.

the whole room, with an absolutely delightful view of not one, but two sheds! but that's a good thing because then no-one can come and look through the window at me dancing em i mean sewing... now the only thing is to go and sew in it! except i have no inclination to sew anything, go figure haha

i hope i haven't bored you too much with all my pictures, well done if you made it to the end, it was a reallllly long post :)

rachael x


  1. I never get bored of looking at other people's sewing rooms! You made such a fab job of yours, I'm really envious:-) And I think that chair is great - when it's recovered it's going to be bang on trend.

  2. As someone from the olden days, (1970 thank you very much), I think it looks lovely, and I am very jealous xxx

  3. It looks fabulous! So clean and fresh and love the fabric cupboard!

  4. Great make over and I want to steal that birdie picture...along with other stuff but I'm trying not to be greedy!

  5. You and I sure do have different tolerance levels. What you called a messy stash I thought was quite tidy and, well, if you think that this is a long post you should read one of mine ;0)

    Seriously though you've done a marvelous job here and I hope that one day I can have a sewing room half as pretty as this x

  6. wowsers, I just love the wall colour with those curtains#genius

  7. You've created a lovely sewing space and I especially like your improv mini. Now I'm re-imagining my own sewing room…maybe I need a trip to Ikea too!

  8. I love your sewing room...maybe inspiration will come in your new space :-)

  9. Nerdy I know, but I love genealogy and such stuff
    Jack Morgan is John Morgan of 71 Taverner Street, 23 yrs old and a house decorator in 1911 census.
    Back to the room,
    I now have fabric envy, wool envy and room envy.

  10. I love your sewing room ~(and your blog!)!! where do you get your fabrics from?? i live in n.i too and usually buy fabric online to find some prettiness (am a beginner quilter!!) :)

  11. I think that looks absolutely fantastic! All I want in my room is skirting boards but I've been asking for two years now and they're still leaning against my design wall :S Might the bit you can't read be a street address, maybe 71 Tanner Street?

  12. Looks great! When I redid my space, I put out one large basket to receive fabrics to be shelved. It's helped me keep things in order. Any new purchases can get tossed in there. Or pieces that failed an "audition". When it starts to get full (or I have a burst of organizing energy) they are all in one place and I can sort them away. I can also see my new purchases better, which is kinda fun as well.

  13. Love the transformation Rachael, although I must say I'm insanely jealous of all that space - what I'd give for a 'whole room'. Love the chair too, but then I am a 70's child! xx

  14. Love the room, the pretty colour aqua. Do you still live with Mum and Dad? Is that why it was called the toy room?

  15. Your sewing room is gorgeous! Those ikea cubes are amazing - I have like 4 sets of them haha!!

  16. Hi there
    Your room makeover is looking great. I would be nervous of using aqua on a wall but it looks fabulous. I have a question regarding the desk - is it sturdy or does it vibrate when sewing?

  17. sorry forgot to ask which table top is it?
    Thanks so much.