Thursday 2 January 2014

pinch, punch emm second of the month

it' recap time! 2013 is over! and can i just say thank god it is! it was not a good year, but i think that's because it was an ODD number year! it was a mix of good and bad, quitting my job = bad, starting blogging and the floral suitcase = good and i just wanna say the blogg-y/quilt-y world is so wonderful :) so last year was swings and round-a-bouts.

recap time means collages! i can hear you all whooping! i know everybody says this but it really has been fun to look at my quilt-y makes from the past year, i sew-ed a lot more than i thought i had, like 11 quilts - that made me smile :)

2013 was the year i started craft fairs, boy was that fun! (that's not sarcasm, honest) as i've said before i really have learnt a lot, i'm thinking of doing a series of post for anybody thinking of doing a craft fair and want to know some more about it :)

... and i think we can all agree that it was the year of the cushion! (these aren't even all of them) cushions are a great way to get all the creative ideas bouncing around your head out in a quick, fun way and aren't as time consuming as a big quilt.

so it's a new year which means resolutions, here are a few of mine:

- blog my progress and finished quilt-y items more 
- to carry a sketchbook and doodle all my little ideas
- be more adventurous in my quilts and fabric choices
- take better photos
- learn to use photoshop and illustrator

i think that's enough to be getting on with this year, what are your resolutions? are you making any?

and here's hoping for a great EVEN number year!

rachael x


  1. Looks like a superb year - well done. Here's an interesting article on craft fairs

  2. A great year of makes R! Here's to another year of amazing creativity! Jxo

  3. I've begun learning Illustrator (I'm already hot on Photoshop ;) ) and I agree with you so much on the cushions for sample projects. Happy New Year!

  4. Beautiful work, well done! So enjoying my low volume charms, half way through the quilt already! Happy 2014.

  5. It was certainly a productive year, full of beautiful things! Thanks again for organising the charm swap:-)

  6. Looks like you had an amazing year. Your quilt are beautiful. I love the colors you use.

  7. Amazing number of fab makes. You are definitely a sewing queen. I look forward to seeing you continue to flourish in your 2014 makes. Di x

  8. So glad to have found your blog this past year. Looking forward to following along in 2014

  9. I just love all your makes, I wish that I had a quater of the creative juices flowing through your veins x

    I'd find some posts on craft fairs really useful,if you have the time.

  10. lovely to have "virtually" met you through the swap. Your cushions are gorgeous, good luck for 2014

  11. Beautiful work! Love all those colourful quilts and your cushions are amazing :)