Tuesday 28 January 2014

the sunday night feeling

last week was one of those weeks, the type where you just want to switch your clock off and hide and that is exactly what i did. the whole week had the 'sunday night feeling' and was all just 'blah!' i took the week off school college, because to be honest i just couldn't face it! sooo i sewed, i couldn't settle on one thing so i just sewed 'ideas' and listened to this

i went through my scrap bag and just started pulling out random fabrics, cut them into 2.5inch squares, sewed them up to become mini patchwork, which then became...

sweet dreams sleeping teddy, i don't know if i love him but i think he looks cute all snuggled up in his little patchwork quilt! after making him i thought he needed a 'matching' cushion so introducing...

mr. teddy in blue and white striped pyjamas along with his teddy bear! can you tell that 'sleep' was on my mind? i think they are really cute as a pair and they are available in my etsy shop

after the cushions i wanted something a bit different, something that involved maths and really hard thinking, enter the fabric box

now i know there are lots and lots and lotttss of tutorials and patterns out there for fabric boxes but i wanted to come up with my own pattern/way of doing it, i will say it involved many prototypes and even more tears, but i am so so happy with the result and so happy that i did it by myself :)

also last week a lovely customer asked if i could make her some cushions and one of my quilts, i love cushions! so of course i couldn't say no, want to see?

it is absolutely delightful to work with voile, it is just soo soft, i finished the cushions of with some perle cotton hand quilting, i think we might need a pair for our house!

oh i also indulged in a little bit of fabric purchasing in the #greatukfabricdestash on instagram (boy! was that fun!) and i got a cotton blossom jelly roll by bonnie and camille, i am beyond excited!!

heres to a good week!

rachael x


  1. Your little snoozie teddies are adorable! A teddy with a teddy. Cute cute cute.
    You so scored in the great destash. Well done!

  2. lovely makes Rachael, glad you liked the fabricdestash fabric, hope you can put it to better use than I did! ps. I'm so jealous of your week off, gahh! xo

  3. Nice destash fabric! Sounds like a week that's good for the soul

  4. What beautiful items! Hope you are having a better week.

  5. Love the teddy bear pillow and that circus tent bag. Very fun projects/finishes!

  6. Gorgeous cushions R! I hope you have a better week this week! Jxo

  7. You have become an absolute ace at your FMQing for the teddies and the circus big top. I love the big top totally! Every last thing you made is gorgeous.