Monday 25 February 2013

a week

my mums friend was over staying last week and our 'guest bedroom' is my 'sewing room' so i wasn't able to sew allll week, which is a really long time. so today i got to sit at my sunny (and messy) sewing table, and happily sew for a good couple of hours, ahh it was bliss! i love seeing where other people sew, i love it even more when they show a messy sewing area its more 'real' so her is my messy place, but it's an organised messy. 
i will have quilty pictures to share soon!!

rachael x


  1. Oh no! Not being able to sew for a whole week! You must have been having withdrawal symptoms!Jxo

  2. I'd go mad! I really like the name of your blog by the way. So cute.

  3. Isn't it nice to get your own space back. It is nice to be able to loose yourself in sewing. Enjoy. Di x

  4. I really love this shot. It is so real! Thank you for being true it makes me want to stay awhile and get to know you. ;)