Saturday 9 February 2013

starting again


i'm going to give this blogging business another go. new year, new blog, new name, a new me, i've decided that 2013 will be my year!! and i'm looking forward to it.

my mums friend recently had a big birthday (50) and she decided that she needed a quilt, so i got to work, i decided on a lattice design and used this great tutorial by diary of a quilter, it came together soo quickly. want to see?

i used chicopee by denyse schmidt (love) and kona ash as the sashing. i quilted it in free motion wavy lines. a new to me technique, but really fun.

ooh crinkly

i love when a quilt comes out of the tumble dryer and it's all nice and crinkly, for the backing i used a polka dot that i had in my stash

with a solid purple binding, i've never really liked green and purple together, but i think i like it now. i really love this quilt and my mums friend loved it as well, yay! its so fun making quilts for others.

Rachael x

*i hope you don't mind me not using capitals, i've always preferred lower case.


  1. Beautiful - love these prints with the light grey!

  2. i saw you are coming to the FQ retreat and popped over to say hi. I love this quilt. the colours are fab aren't they?