Monday 18 February 2013

blue skies

its sunny today, yaaayyyy!!!

for christmas i got an ipad, so we all know what that means, i had to make a cover. i used this tutorial from one shabby chick, it was so easy, i just changed the measurements a bit to make it fit more snugly.

as soon as i saw the adorable penguin fabric i knew that it would make the perfect cover, its just soo cute!! and an added bonus its also texty. i lined it in flannel, so mr. ipad would be nice and cosy.

pretty pink flannel from ruby, it really is so soft. it fits so well and mr ipad is very well protected

i just liked this picture because of the sun spots, and sun spots must mean its sunny, yes its sunny in belfast!! i know shocking

look at the lovely blue sky, it really makes me smile (the airplane trail is for you, you know who you are :)
hopefully the blue skies continue

rachael x


  1. Hi Rachael, I have just jumped over to check out your blog from Judith. I am a member of J's Thursday evening class. I have been blogging since last year.
    I love your cushion and am very impressed with your FMQ writing.Well done.

  2. Yey for gorgeous blue skies! Those penguins are adorable! Jxo

  3. Love the iPad case, those penguins are fab!

  4. Hi Rachael. I I have found your blog via the FQ retreat Flickr page and Judith's blog. Your iPad case is fab and the FMQ cushion is very sweet. Di x