Wednesday 27 February 2013

wip wednesday {1}

i've always wanted to link up with lee on wip wednesday but i was never organised, so yay i get to link up this week.
after being out of my sewing room all last week, i was itching to get sewing, so in i went rotary cutter in hand and ready to cut, sew and piece.

i cut over 100 'low volume' 5inch squares (i actually think cutting is the most fun part) then i laid them all out, making sure no fabric was repeated in a line, wow was that headache inducing, but i think i accomplished it

on the ironing board getting pressed, ahh don't you just love seams?

i think i'm a little bit in love with 'simple' square quilts at the minute and have fabric picked out for many more. here is my low volume quilt and i love it!!!! now normally i have to have colour but recently i like the muted look, ahh i just smile whenever i look at it (aren't i so modest?)

a close up shot, now just to get it basted, quilted and bound i'm really excited to see this finished and i think i've found my new spot to photograph quilts.

linking up with lee at freshly pieced:

rachael x


  1. This is really pretty. I love the soft aqua pops in the quilt. Cutting is my least favorite part so any time you run out of projects to cut let me know and I will gladly send you mine. LOL :)

  2. LV Lush! Beautiful day for photographing quilts too! Jxo

  3. So beautiful - love the low volume look.

  4. So calm and beautiful. Lovely!

  5. Yay! Low volume is so pretty. I have a stack of squares just waiting.....

  6. I need a simple square quilt soon... thing is I have a massive list of my own patterns to make up for magazines and Craftsy to do first so it will probably be 2015 unless my brain gives me a break!

    See you at the retreat!

  7. Lovely, I love the low volume look !

  8. I usually use a lot of colour in my quilts too, but I'm finding the low volume quilts are really pretty and soft. Sadly the one thing I don't have a lot of in my stash is low volume fabric. Yours is very pretty though.

  9. Love the LV quilt, I now have a massive pile of them, and my next big quilting project is going to be a butterfly quilt made up of LV fabrics. There really is nothing more satisfying than making something that makes you smile when you look at it, enjoy! : )