Monday 1 July 2013

penelope the dinosaur

another craft fair finished and i have to say i LOVED it, it really was a brilliant day!! i just love the whole craft fair experience!
this was a new market the fine and dandy market and it will be held in the crescent arts centre on the last sunday of each month. it was run by the amazing kelli, she was just fantastic and created such a lovely fair.
everyone you meet is so wonderful at craft fairs, it's not even about selling (well it is haha) but that's only half of it, it's about the other crafters that you get to talk with and to learn new stuff.
actually that's not entirely true the absolute best thing about doing a craft fair is all the items you get to buy when you're there.

pretty fabric!
first up is my absolutely, totally fan-dabby-dosey picture from Smudge Illustrations i fell in love with her work in st. georges market in belfast and i just had to commission an original, you should go and visit Ciara at st. georges to see how brilliant her work is!! i even think i'll have to buy another original  :)

and penelope the dinosaur from the lovely Pictureofgrace. now i'm 21 and don't really need a purple dinosaur but she was just too cute to not come home with me. penelope is my sewing room buddy and you'll find her wandering around all the fabric :)
i also had the nicest vanilla cupcakes from the little cupcakery ni i didn't get a picture of them because they were so delicious i just had to eat them straight away!!

i'll be back at the fine and dandy market next month too! yaaayyy!!

rachael x


  1. What a gorgeous looking fair! Your stall looks so cute, as is Penelope! I hope you haven't been spending all your profits already!! Jxo

  2. It looks like a really nice fair (no tack at all). Your stall looks so attractive. I hope that you add some sales. Di x