Monday 8 July 2013

the day at the ducks...

what absolutely, positively glorious weather we are having! and while out enjoying the marvelous weather (i was sunbathing) i get ambushed by mr. frog that was obviously my cue to go and get some work done.

on saturday i just took the notion that i had to make a swoon block like right away! by sunday afternoon i had a cute little quilt.

i got to get my wooden ladder out for a wee photo shoot this afternoon :) it's the small things that make you happy :) i'm a little bit smitten with this quilt. i had tried making a swoon block once before, and well it was a disaster! but this time i used camilles craftsy class and all my points lined up, yay!

they really are massive blocks, finishing at 24 inches, i added two borders to make it the perfect quilt size. i also did my loopy quilting again, this may be my new favourite way to quilt.

i even did a pieced backing which i might start doing on all my quilts, because it's sooo pretty! well in my humble opinion haha.

i'm already planning on making a full sized swoon quilt when i'm not as busy now i just have to pick out the perfect fabric. i feel like a quilter now, for making a swoon block haha

and on a completely random note, this is what happens when you find a spider, you throw your basket of fabric out the front door while screaming loudly and hoping the spider hasn't somehow crawled onto you!

rachael x


  1. I'd say gorgeous mini quilt but it's not that mini! Still gorgeous though :-) Lol at the spider story!

  2. Mad Swooning Disease is rampant worldwide. I too have succumbed and just finished my first blocks. Although I must have been afflicted with a bizarre strain - l felt compelled to make my blocks at 12.5 inches. Your block and quilting is beautiful.

  3. Beautiful quilt (and I love the prop) I did my first bit of fmq the other day and tried going loopy but it wasn't half as pretty (or tidy) as yours x

  4. oh no, how rude of that spider!! Wonderful quilt, and I love the loopy FMQ.

  5. I encountered a ninja spider yesterday, it even beckoned me with one of it's legs. Anyway that's a different story, what I wanted to say was that I've never made a Swoon block and I love the idea of making a baby quilt in a weekend using just one!

  6. So pretty and soft looking ; ) Spiders--yuck.

  7. Laughing at the result of the spider scare! I react the same way and the picture really tells the story. Lovely swoon quilt!

  8. I think Spidey was probably more afraid of you!! that is one cutesy swoon! Jxo