Thursday 11 July 2013

take your teeth out, tell me what's wrong.

it's too warm to sleep! so i'll tell you a story about my curtains :)

for ages i had pink checked curtains cause i love pink and i have a pink bedroom but they let the light and like even when it was pitch black outside, my room was never dark. i finally decided to get new curtains, black-out ones (ooohhhh) so off i went, searching and found baby blue polka dot curtains, perfect!! and they totally go with my room (which is now red, purple, white, black, pink and now blue as well) only problem is i sleep with the light on, cause yanno i'm scared of the boogey monster, you know the one that comes out and dances around your room? yea him. well anyway so i'm totally confused about my curtains, cause if i wake up in the middle of the night i just assume its daytime (because the curtains are daylight coloured) and then i'm utterly confused because i think it's daytime when in reality it's 3am and then i can't get back to sleep!

and there you have it the story of the confusing curtains :)

rachael x

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  1. I'm lost for words, sorry!! LOL! Jxo

  2. Like Judith I can't think of a thing to say!(but I did have a good laugh;-)